Improve Your Warehouse Management Efforts by Adopting a Mobile Strategy

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Sage-100-Mobile-WarehouseThe U.S. manufacturing industry has experienced a great number of challenges over the past decade, and in order to bounce back successfully, many manufacturers and distributors are having to make some critical changes in the way they manage their warehouses. Every day we hear companies talking about how they wish they could improve their warehouse management efforts and finally start achieving their goals. While it does take some adjustment and focused change, improvement doesn’t have to be rocket science. In fact, with the right tools and technology, improvement is actually very easy!

Implementing automated methods – such as barcoding systems and mobile technology – can go a long way towards improving your efficiency, accuracy, and productivity. Mobile applications, such as our Sage 100 mobile (formerly MAS 90 mobile / MAS 200 mobile) product Scanco Warehouse, can streamline warehouse management tasks, provide you with real-time information, and automate time-consuming processes so you can complete orders with greater efficiency. In order to make the most out of these technologies, however, you have to have a mobile strategy in place to guide your efforts and clearly define your goals.

Take the time to sit down and develop a mobile strategy with key business leaders and managers. Determine your need for mobile technology (i.e. how will mobile make warehouse management easier?). Define parameters for how employees will use mobile devices in the workplace. Identify what needs to be implemented and create a budget for any new investments (mobile apps, smartphones, tablets, etc.). Once you’ve determined how you will implement mobile into the workplace, create a few goals to help you measure your mobile success. Keep these goals in mind as you carry out your mobile efforts and measure your progress against these goals periodically.

With the right strategy in place and the right technology working for you, you can begin transforming your warehouse and achieving your goals for operational success. If you’d like to learn more about our Sage 100 mobile apps, give us a call today (330) 645-9959. We’d love to assist you in your mobile efforts!