Scanco Warehouse 100 has even more choices. Leading the technology with the first warehouse management solution to work on the cloud—now we are proud to introduce native in both online and offline mode.

Runs On iOS, Android, And Windows Devices

For the first time users can choose what device they want to use to manage inventory for Sage 100 ERP. Scanco Warehouse will run on rugged Windows based scanners, phones, tablets, and even a desktop. Users can also use iOS and Android devices with Scanco Warehouse, lowering hardware costs exponentially. With the freedom of picking your platform, the hardware can be mixed and matched so you don’t have to choose just one operating system.

Automate Bin Locations

In conjunction with the ONE Software, Scanco Warehouse will give
you the next level of tracking your inventory in bin locations. Have the
peace of mind knowing exactly where your inventory is within your

Experience Live Validation

There is nothing worse than shipping the wrong product to your customer or paying for a product you have not received. Scanco Warehouse is built with a direct connection to your database to verify every item as it is shipped or received. Never “Sync” again and make accuracy the rule in your warehouse.

Build A Solution That Meets Your Needs

Every company has unique needs when it comes to the level of automation they are interested in implementing. Scanco has structured the product with that flexibility in mind. With features like Advanced Shipping, Scan Each, and Batch Select, Scanco Warehouse has the functionality of a complete warehouse management solution that will not only scale with, but drive your company’s growth.

See what Scanco solution is best for you.

Native: for the 1st time allow your users to work on or offline with an app downloaded directly from iTunes or Google Play and fully integrated to Sage100. Manage your warehouse on premise with the most advanced technology in the Sage100 market. from Receiving to Order fulfillment simply download an app and start automating your inventory. Another first from the leaders in the industry.

Cloud: Designed with more than 26 years of experience in barcoding automation, Scanco Warehouse will forever change the way you work. Manage your warehouse in the cloud on iOS, Android, and Windows. Provide your customers with accurate levels of inventory they can count on. increase ship time and decrease errors with devices you have in your pocket, and all with a seamless integration to Sage 100 ERP that only Scanco can offer.

Scanco Warehouse Highlights

  • Runs on iOS, Android, and Windows
  • Voice Command Capability
  • Seamless Integration To Sage 100 ERP
  • Cloud Based or OnPrem Configurations
  • Online and Offline Modes
  • Live validation with a real time connection to Sage 100
  • Automatic Updates
  • Mix and Match Hardware Devices
  • Hands Free Barcoding Accessories Available
  • Installs in Minutes
  • Integrates with Sage 100cloud

A key piece in running Scanco warehouse is choosing the best hardware options for your company.

With Scanco Warehouse the options are endless:

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