What is Manufacturing Barcoding and how can it benefit your company and efficiencies?

How much time do you spend looking for jobs on your production floor? Do you know what step your job is in the production process? Do you know what your employees are working on or how long it is taking them to complete an order? Do you know if there are any units that will be completed to be shipped out today?

How many hours do you spend trying to answer questions like this?

A Manufacturing Barcode Solution offers an efficient and accurate way to collect information on your shop floor and easily allows you to manipulate that data into dynamic tools to guide your business and reach your full manufacturing potential. By tracking core areas of labor, material, completions, and QC quickly and effortlessly, you can compile oceans of vital information to drive your business and streamline your efficiencies.

Tracking Labor

Tracking Labor is a critical part of your production environment. By tracking production labor you will be able to know actual time spent on a job, whether for costing purposes or manufacturing efficiencies. Tracking will allow you to know who worked on the job, what step of the process it is on, and exactly when and where it is on the floor. You can track machine time, tool time, or equipment time as well as employee time. If you need more detail you can track quantity through labor steps in production. Knowing where all the parts are and what step. See where you scrapped out product. You can dilute, batch or “Nest” labor. If you run multiple jobs together and you want o group them to aggregate or dilute labor you can. With so many options and needs to track we can cover them all.

You can Track Non-Productive or Indirect labor as well. (Machine down, training, setup, cleanup, etc. )

Material Completion

Tracking and completing finished goodsduring production is the life line to either Shipping or Production. Being able to complete Sub-Assemblies or Make to Stock items dynamically from the floor, whether you are putting them on the shelf to be used later or you need them immediately for another Work Order or job. Completing finished goods and instantaneously printing out labels, identity tags, Certifications, or any informational tags right from the floor is huge. During completions you can capture vital shipping and packing information, Pallet tracking or License Plating, weights or box counts are all possible. Customers can also scrap finished goods from the floor, keeping costing and product integrity intact. You can scrap by step to get exact costing and have a scrap code for reporting or trending.

You can Track Non-Productive or Indirect labor as well. (Machine down, training, setup, cleanup, etc. )

Administrative and Editing Consoles

In addition to having live dashboards and monitoring systems we also have live admin consoles where you can not only see everything going on out in your production or field service environment but edit the devices remotely. Be able tix, change, delete or adjust anything from Material Issues, Finished Good Completions, Labor Transactions, Status’s, Time Card anything you track. Remote administration via review is way better and easier than editing after you have a transaction back in your ERPS system.

You can Track Non-Productive or Indirect labor as well. (Machine down, training, setup, cleanup, etc. )

Outside Processing

Outside processing is a huge tracking issue with most companies. By implementing a tracking system you can now track when jobs leave the building and when they come back. How many pieces went out and how many came back from a vendor?  Did they scrap someor did they send back a partial order? Complete visibility on that outside process job is critical in knowing where your product is for production as well as customer service. You now can not only track your outside processing steps, but also have a dashboard  to view it and a database to run reports like mean-time turn around and scrap or production efficiencies grading your vendors. All that information you wish you had now at your fingertips. Outside processing can also be linked to your production PO system as well for that full loop of purchase-to-issue-to-track.

You can Track Non-Productive or Indirect labor as well. (Machine down, training, setup, cleanup, etc. )

Time Card - Payroll Labor Processing

Not only can you track Productive and non-Productive Labor you can track Payroll labor as well. we have a fully integrated Time Card collection system as well as an employee schedule add-on. Track payroll start and stop times as well as direct time entry, contractor and temp hire and salary auto punch employees.

Material Issue

Material Tracking and Issues are a vital part of allowing a Manufacturer to have Dynamic Inventory. It also aids in better replenishment abilities for re-ordering, min/max levels, and better purchasing. Imagine being able to issue material anytime through the manufacturing process?  You can issue in the beginning like a “pick and stage”, or issue to a line or staging area, or do a front flush of material when you start production. Issuing material is also critical during production. Issue on the fly, or by the person using it, or issuing material on the step of the process after it is all done. You can also negative issue material, putting it back into inventory. This is important if you didn’t use all your material or you created some by-product during inventory. You also can backflush when you complete or after each completion of a labor step, pretty much at any time in production. We can allow you to over issue required quantities or Quantity on Hand, or not allow you to. Pretty much any way you can think of to issue material we can cover for you.

You can Track Non-Productive or Indirect labor as well. (Machine down, training, setup, cleanup, etc. )


Quality Control is necessary for almost any customer. Imagine being able to capture QC information during production?  Being able to collect any information by step, parent item, machine, or process and have it and your finger tips for reporting, trending, Certification compliance, FDA, Aerospace certifications, or for any reason at all. With our product you can use any of our QC screens to capture, collect, and validate or you can have us customize if your detailed solution may be required by one of your customers or a quality department. Not only can you enter this information in, but link it to production, employees, equipment, certification standards, or finished goods items. No more days of 11 Excel Spreadsheets and disjointed data points that don’t communicate with each other.

You can Track Non-Productive or Indirect labor as well. (Machine down, training, setup, cleanup, etc. )

Field Service or Remote Install Crews

Our software can be used inside your organization or outside as well. Whether you have remote locations that are not connected to the main location of remote or mobile service and installation crews we can track almost all transaction via a disconnected device. You can sync via WiFi, GPRS cellular, Starbucks or anything place you can get on internet. The device and software can work live and online or work in batch mode till you get a signal to sync. Field service crews can track travel time, labor, and service work, travel expenses, material used in the field either by truck or purchased. All data can we electronically sent back to corporate without entering anything in twice.

You can Track Non-Productive or Indirect labor as well. (Machine down, training, setup, cleanup, etc. )

Enhanced Serial/Lot Training

For all of you that need the details of tracking what material was issued to a specific finished good Lot or Serial number, needing to know who worked on it, what machine or tool, and exactly what time was spent on each Lot or serial number, or needing that ability to report and certify exactly what you did by each finished good item not the job itself – we have your solution. You can generate finished goods lots or serials prior to production, track each one through production, and complete them into inventory with a complete history and tracking solution. Use it for COA’s, COF’s, FDA, or ISO requirements – any need for the details of product tracking is accomplished with this solution. Couple that with Quality Control and you have a certifiable tracking solution for that vendor or QC Company requiring this information from you. Then at the end of production either write a report or query this information for a certification sheet, packing slips, or reporting for detail information or trending.

You can Track Non-Productive or Indirect labor as well. (Machine down, training, setup, cleanup, etc. )

Employee Tracking

You can enter an employee’s schedule with the following information: Start and stop times, Lunch times, Shift, The days of the week they work, If they are a punch employee, auto lunch punch employee, or contractor/temp employee, Track actual punch times. Track rounded punch times – auto rounding features for both track in and out. Auto lunch punch ability. Auto punch in rounding to start time – With all screens security enabled. Export payroll punch data for payroll source. Create data file to be imported directly into an internal payroll program, create data file for outside payroll service, open database for open report writing.

Live Dashboards

How many times do you ask yourself the following questions? And how much time do you spend finding the questions below?

  1. Do you know where Job ABC is in the building?
  2. Where is the Job out on the floor?
  3. Do you know where “Joe Employee” is working today?
  4. How many pieces have been done so far?
  5. Can you read the handwriting? I can’t!

Could you imagine having a “Live” dashboard or Review Screen showing you real-time where your jobs are on the floor? Who is working on what? What position or step in production are we on any given job? What machine or tool did you use? What material did you issue, how much, and how much scrap? Do we have anything to ship? Can we get a job out today? All these questions that you find yourself asking because you have no good way of seeing what you are doing are all answered with Live Dashboards and Monitoring screens.

Ever want that big 50” – 60” monitor on the floor with what jobs are active and who is working on it instead of the huge pegboard or white board? Replace it with our dashboards refreshing every 60 seconds. No more wondering where anything is.

Ready To Take Your Business To The Next Level?

Manufacturing Efficiency

Manufacturing Automation provides make-to-order, assemble-to-order, and engineer-to-order manufacturers with a more efficient and effective manufacturing process through Sage 100 ERP’s Work Order Module. With increased automation and pre-set options, Manufacturing Automation will help minimize user entry and maximize work flow.

Streamline W/O creation by auto-generating work orders and subassemblies directly from Sales Orders in batch or by S/O line.View build availability directly from S/O Entry. Manufacturing Efficiency provides automation tools for streamlining W/O entry and processing with automation options for finishing and closing work orders.

Partnering with WOScan, wireless handheld devices capture WO transaction data on the shop floor in real time, without the need for computer workstations. It prompts for and collects all of the same data you can enter through Work Order Transaction Entry, in a clean, intuitive handheld interface.

  • Work Order Dashboard
  • Work Center Dashboard
  • Outside Processing
  • Make-To-Order
  • Auto Generate Purchase Orders from Inventory
  • Auto Generate Purchase Orders from Work Orders
  • Purchase Orders from Inventory
  • Purchase Orders from Work Orders
  • Scheduling
  • Warehouse Management with Multi-Bin
  • Shop Floor Automation & RF Scanning with WOSCAN

Warehouse Reporting

Manufacturing Efficiency is designed to help Make-to-Order manufacturers streamline the work order creation process. There are two options available for building Work Orders directly from Sage 100 Sales Orders.

The Generate Work Orders from Sales Orders utility provides a method for generating work orders en masse for multiple Sales Orders. The system knows which Sales Orders to build Work Orders from and does not duplicate builds. Sub-assembly orders can also be auto-generated.

There is also a new button available in Sales Order Entry that allows for Work Order creation on-the-fly directly from a single SO line. Sub-assemblies are also generated during this process and the appropriate work order number will be tracked back to the line.

When Orders are generated automatically, users can opt to have builds for multiple orders consolidated by item. Auto-Generated Orders are entered with a released status and are ready for immediate action.

Efficiency Options

  •  Discrete Work Order selection in Pick Sheet and Traveler printing.
  • Close Work Order when performing a completion.
  • Track “On Work Order” and “Required for Work Order” quantities separately.
  • Provides for Work Order number in Inventory Transaction History instead of the transaction journal number.
  • Option for “Components not available” warning when entering work orders.
  • Auto-Generate Material Issue and Labor transactions.
  • Auto Close features prompt user to close a Work Order during Completion transactions.
  • Auto-Finish uses a standard set of options to complete the Operation and Scheduling Tabs.

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