Why Your Sales Team Needs to Go Mobile Today

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Sage-100-mobile-sales-teamSales teams are highly mobile, making them the most obvious candidates for mobile technology. Many companies, however, are hesitant to arm their sales staff with mobile sales solutions for a variety of reasons. While it is a wise practice to hold off on jumping into IT trends right away, mobile technology has proven to have staying power among today’s most popular business trends. If your sales team is not fully armed with mobile sales solutions such as Scanco Sales for Sage 100 ERP, now is the time to do so.

Companies choosing to play the “wait-and-see” game are losing out on the valuable benefits of mobile technology, such as improved sales effective and efficiency. The introduction of the Cloud has made it possible for sales personnel to easily connect to the company’s ERP system via their smartphone or tablet. This allows them to instantly update important customer information, generate invoices, or check on customer order status. When your sales team is out on the field and away from the office, this is an important capability to have. Having to go back to the office to update customer files and create invoices takes valuable time out of the sales process, causing many companies to lose out on unique sales opportunities. By arming your sales staff with mobile apps, you can save time, money, and increase your overall sales significantly.

We’ve created a mobile application designed to improve your sales efforts both in and out of the office – Scanco Sales. Scanco Sales is a Sage 100 mobile sales and Sage 500 mobile sales app designed to work on any iOS, Andriod, or Windows device. This application allows sales personnel to view inventory levels in real-time, update customer records, create quotes and invoices, view customer invoice histories, and capture signatures and process payments all using a smartphone or tablet. Don’t lose out on valuable sales opportunities – contact us today to learn how your sales team can improve efficiency out on the field with your Sage 100 and Sage 500 mobile sales app.