Why Real-Time Inventory Tracking Is a Requirement for eCommerce

inventory trackingThese days, everyone is selling online and everyone is buying online too. One year ago on Black Friday 2016, online shoppers spent a record $3.34 billion on their Internet-based purchases ($5.27 billion, if you include Thanksgiving), and that number is only expected to grow in the coming years. These days, if you’re not online, you’re not finding new customers. Those customers expect convenient and speedy delivery, so if you don’t run your operations with accurate, real-time inventory tracking, eCommerce won’t build the revenues you need to stay competitive.

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eCommerce: Incredible Potential but Much More Work

The world of eCommerce has opened the door between customers and suppliers by enabling 24×7 direct shopping for B2B and B2C operations, introducing niche products to a larger audience, and increasing distributors’ potential revenue by freeing at least one part of their business from retailer costs.

In addition, eFulfillment provides an incredible opportunity for distributors to pull ahead of their competitors … but all of these new growth options mean the manufacturing and logistics industries must now run like their trading partner counterparts: they must meet a wide range of customer needs in a constantly shifting sales environment.

Honestly, performing the additional tasks of a retailer can be stressful, especially because the Internet also offers customers the ability to immediately publish damaging remarks about your company in a public forum. Even a small amount of negative customer feedback can lose business for your company over the long term, so the best choice is to avoid it entirely.

That’s a lot of work—and when you consider the tight timelines you face each day—every bit of extra work matters.

Why Real-Time Inventory Tracking Matters in the Warehouse

With so much of your supply chain out of your control, the best way for you to manage your customer relationships is to do your best to avoid stockouts and keep shipments running smoothly. To do that, you need real-time inventory tracking that differentiates you from the competition.

Time Wasters Give Your Competitors the Edge

In an online environment, prospects can find and order from your competitors with a single tap of their finger. That means you must constantly stay innovating to figure out how you can convince potential customers to click on your site or product. Once they’re looking at your products, you must also convince them to buy.

In the past, many distributors chose to increase sales by lowering their prices, but this simply led to a race to the bottom, with Amazon taking most of the profits. As the economy continues to recover, customers are now choosing to spend their money at the companies that can provide them with better service.

The key to selling more is providing better customer service—and you won’t achieve that if you ship late; discover that you’re out of stock on critical items; or slow operations to a crawl with paper pick sheets, manual data entry, and other time wasters.

Real-Time Inventory Tracking Increases Efficiency

Today’s ever-lengthening supply chains, paired with customer’s expectations of near-instant delivery, mean that one of your best competitive advantages lies in balancing your stock accurately.

With real-time inventory tracking powered by time-saving mobile barcode scanners and other ERP-integrated inventory management solutions, your business can:

  • Stay on top of timely purchasing
  • Empower customers with accurate inventory counts and delivery dates
  • Proactively respond to unexpected sales fluctuations

For Real-Time, the Time Is Now

In today’s fast-moving business landscape, the companies that survive are the companies that remain agile and maintain their ability to pivot in rapid response to market changes. Distributors who haven’t kept up with the breakneck pace of change over the past five years are either severely behind their competitors right now, or have already gone out of business.

There’s no time to waste. Rid yourself of data silos, stop the error-filled time leaks caused by manual data entry, and reduce or eliminate inefficiencies in your warehouse with Scanco’s real-time inventory tracking and inventory control tools, built for busy distributors like you.

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