Why Barcoding Makes Sense for Inventory Management

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Sage-100-Barcoding-SolutionsHave you considered using barcoding solutions to improve your inventory management efforts? If not, you should be considering it! For years, warehouse managers have used barcoding software to track inventory as it moves through the warehouse and scan products into their ERP systems. It has alleviated the challenges involved in inventory management and allowed managers to gain visibility into the often hard-to-reach areas of the warehouse.

Barcoding has been described by many industry leaders as the “sole reason for [their] success.” The benefits of barcoding are numerous and, depending on the solution you choose, the price tag does not have to break the bank. With the right barcoding solution, your company can:

  • Automate the picking and packing process
  • Streamline receiving
  • Improve the accuracy of inventory data in the ERP system
  • Eliminate manual processes
  • Increase efficiency and speed
  • Gain visibility into the supply chain
  • Meet customer demands effectively

As you can see, barcoding can give you a leg up over the competition and increase your efficiency and accuracy in the warehouse. What you may fail to realize, however, is that you are holding the capability to improve their inventory situation right in your hands! With our Sage 100 barcoding solutions apps, you can start scanning barcode labels directly from your smartphone or tablet. Designed to give you the full capabilities of a traditional barcoding solution using an everyday device, our mobile barcoding apps allow you to save money all while achieving greater efficiency.

Contact us to learn how you can begin using our Sage 100 barcoding solutions to improve your inventory situation today.