Which Devices Can I Use with Scanco’s Sage 100 Scanning Applications?

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Sage-100-Scanning-on-Mobile-DevicesBarcode technology has changed drastically over the years. When Scanco first emerged onto the warehouse management scene over 20 years ago, we were pioneers in using the barcode for inventory tracking and warehouse management purposes. Since then, we have been working to make innovative products that capitalize on the technology gains the barcode provides. From handheld barcode scanners to specialized inventory tracking software, our products have addressed barcoding and scanning every step of the way.

Until the mobile revolution, handheld barcode scanners were not only doing the job, they were doing the job well. When the mobile device emerged onto the scene, however, we started brainstorming how warehouse managers and workers could use these small devices in place of handheld scanners to further increase their efficiency and connectivity to Sage 100 ERP (formerly Sage MAS 90/ Sage MAS 200). We designed a specialized Sage 100 scanning apps that can be downloaded onto mobile devices and used just as easily (if not more easily) than a traditional barcode scanner.

These apps have become quite popular options with our customers looking to adopt mobile technology into the warehouse, but they have generated a few questions, particularly regarding which devices on which the app can be used. All of our Sage 100 scanning apps (and other apps) are designed to work on ANY iOS, Android, or Windows device, and you can mix-and-match devices for your comfort and preference.

Does one of you managers have an Androids phone, but the manager in receiving prefers using an iPad? The app can be downloaded on both and used in just the same way. Viola – flexibility and innovation at your fingertips.


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