Warehouse Operations and Disaster Preparation

warehouse operationsDoes your warehouse operations strategy include a disaster recovery plan or are you crossing your fingers and hoping a disaster will never happen? Ignoring potential disasters could be devastating to your business. Most companies are committed to safety in every day warehouse operations, but you also need to prepare for the unexpected.

You must be prepared with a warehouse operations response and recovery plan, which includes these steps.

  • Planning: The best thing to do first is recognize that you need a plan. Make disaster preparedness a priority in your facility. If you already have a plan, have you looked at it recently?
  • Implementation: Make sure that you have the necessary physical, financial, and labor resources to support your warehouse operations procedures. These resources, or the arrangement for them, should be in place before an incident occurs.
  • Testing: A plan on paper won’t be effective unless you test it. Conduct exercises to evaluate the plan’s effectiveness based on realistic scenarios.
  • Program improvement: Disaster plans should be reviewed to adapt to changing technology, operations, and equipment. Be sure to regularly review your plan to make changes such as updating and verifying emergency contacts.
  • Recovery: Recovering from a disaster is often a long-term process. But with the right advance preparation, you can reduce the time it takes to recover from a disaster and resume business as usual.

By following these steps to create and implement a disaster recovery plan you will be saving your company time and money if a disaster ever does strike.

Streamline Your Warehouse Operations

When you are in charge of warehouse operations, there are many moving parts. Scanco is in the business of making your job easier. If you’d like friendly, expert advice in a free consultation, contact Scanco. Our warehouse management team has helped to increase our clients’ productivity and efficiency for nearly 30 years, and we’re happy to help you sort through your warehouse options and requirements for your growing business.