What to Expect

We take pride in providing exceptional products that will not only streamline your business process, but also save your organization time and money. We have high standards of performance, and want you to know that when working with Scanco you can expect the best.

Consulting Services

While Scanco specializes in off-the-shelf solutions, we understand that you may need an expert to provide customized assistance. Our certified consultants are available to do the following:

  • Review your current distribution processes
  • Recommend operational process changes
  • Conduct product training for new staff
  • Advise on ideal hardware and software configuration
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On-Site Installation and Training

Scanco’s team of certified consultants are available to install your hardware and software solution from start to finish. Scanco customers also have the option to install online. A Scanco consultant will connect to the customer’s server via GoToAssist to complete the installation and offer remote training over the web.

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RFID Applications

With every Radio Frequency Identification implementation, there are literally hundreds of variables which need to be analyzed and taken into account. The successful management of the physics of RFID (for instance, the physical characteristics of radio waves, materials, and the surface consistency of those materials), is absolutely critical for system success, not to mention optimal system performance. A Scanco site survey takes all of these variables into account and will allow us to recommend all the components necessary for a fully functional RFID system.

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Site Surveys

Site Surveys are an invaluable tool when implementing a wireless or RFID application. An engineer will visit the distribution site and make recommendations on the placement, type and quantity of wireless devices. Once the site survey has been completed, Scanco will guarantee 100% coverage or your money back.

Wireless Networks

A Scanco site survey determines the optimal number, placement, and configuration of access points to provide the required radio frequency (RF) coverage in the desired areas of your facility. While it is true that many of today’s access points and other wireless infrastructure components are close to being “plug and play” and will work adequately “out of the box” in very simple, RF interference-free environments, it is also true that in today’s world there are very applications free of interference. Choose a guaranteed-results Scanco Site Survey.

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