Warehouse Automation is More Than the Technology

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We’ve heard numerous stories of success when it comes to warehouse automation efforts, and we’ve heard just as many stories of failure. As we’ve listened to companies over the years share their warehouse automation experiences, we began to wonder why some companies are able to successfully reach their warehouse automation goals and some are not.  We’ve concluded that in order to successfully carry out warehouse automation plans, you have to rely upon more than just the technology.

What does that mean, exactly? It means that you have to plan a strategy for your warehouse automation efforts rather than simply relying on warehouse automation technology (such as warehouse management systems and barcode scanners). Most companies that pull the plug on warehouse automation efforts do so because they lack the cooperation of upper management and executives, not because the technology is faulty. Without the support of upper management, your warehouse automation goals will never come to fruition.

It is also equally important to understand what your warehouse automation solution does for your company. What manual processes are eliminated due to the system? If they are not needed, get rid of them! Don’t waste time duplicating or carrying out unnecessary processes. Also, make sure that you place the right people in charge of your automation efforts. Train your warehouse staff on the new technology system and make sure they understand what it can do before they begin to use it. If the wrong people are pioneering the change, it is less likely to take hold and more likely to fall to the wayside.

Protect your warehouse automation efforts by investing in the right technology and partnering with a knowledgeable software provider. We not only offer several Sage 100 barcoding and Sage 500 barcoding solutions (formerly Sage MAS 90 and Sage MAS 200 barcoding solutions) to meet your needs, but we also have years of experience guiding manufacturers just like you through the warehouse automation process. Give us a call at (330)-645-9959 or shoot us an email today to learn how you can become one of the stories of success.