Use Your New Sage 100 Warehouse Management Software to Its Fullest Extent

Sage 100 warehouse managementAre you using every aspect of your Sage 100 warehouse management software? A recent article in Supply Chain 24/7 quotes a warehouse manager as saying that 35% of their software isn’t being used to its fullest capacity. Getting more out of your Sage 100 warehouse management software may help you improve efficiency, productivity, and response time for order fulfillment requests. It’s a matter of training and exploration into this robust software system.

The New Becomes Commonplace 

A typical warehouse management system can automate a great deal of daily operations. It can help you understand your pick, pack, and ship information, prepare stock reports, adjust inventory levels, and more. If you’re not using the entire software package, you may be omitting features that can help you improve efficiencies and cost effectiveness.

Most warehouse managers implement their new systems with enthusiasm. The staff picks up on this enthusiasm, and soon everyone is talking about their new Sage 100 warehouse management system. But enthusiasm wanes over time.

One reason why many companies aren’t using their system to its fullest potential is simply that the enthusiasm for learning new techniques or trying new features has faded. To ensure that you continue to explore your new system, it’s helpful to appoint a system ‘expert’ whose job it is to become the software master. By dubbing someone the expert—and giving them the time they need to delve deeply into the software and train others on what they have learned—you continue to show support for the project even after the initial excitement has passed.

Repetition of Tasks 

Another reason why you may not be using your software fully is that some tasks aren’t performed frequently enough, and are therefore forgotten. If you scan items daily, it’s easy to remember the best way to scan objects as they pass through the warehouse. Likewise, if you run specific reports weekly or monthly from your Sage 100 warehouse management system, you’ll remember how to generate the reports. If there are other reports in the system that are used quarterly or annually, you may need a refresher on how to run them.

Your mind pays attention to tasks it performs regularly until they become rote or routine. Tasks that aren’t performed frequently are relegated to the ‘back burner’ of your mind and aren’t as easily recalled. This is typical no matter what you are learning, whether it’s driving directions or how to use warehouse management software. If you drove one route to work for many years, then changed jobs, the old route fades from memory while the new route becomes engraved in your mind and easily accessible by your consciousness to help you find your place of employment. Likewise, warehouse management tasks completed daily on your software are easy to remember. The remaining tasks may be part of that 35% that’s not fully utilized.

Failure to Complete Training 

Lastly, many companies fail to complete their entire implementation and training schedule for the rollout of new software. Warehouse management software such as Scanco Warehouse is easy to use, but does require some basic training to help users become familiar with the new range of tools available.

Many companies start training around new software projects with the best of intentions. However, their core business demands attention, too. People may be pulled out of training to handle a large order in the warehouse so that a good customer receives their packages quickly. If this happens a lot, you could have a training gap that needs to be closed.

Check your group’s training. They may simply need a refresher to learn to use their new Sage 100 warehouse management software fully.

Warehouse Management Systems from Scanco 

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