Upgrade to Sage 100 Mobile Field Service and Sales

Scanco SalesCustomer relationship management (CRM) systems have been a great boon to help companies track customer data across the organization. As many companies have implemented CRM systems, they had great dreams of providing greater customer service and more efficient sales. But now, many of these companies are realizing that something is missing.

Many companies who invested in site-based, networked CRM systems are only just discovering that such systems can become outdated. Worse, when they add new components to their IT services, such as upgrading accounting or HR systems, their current CRM system won’t “play nice” with the new systems. What should have been a simple upgrade or a new solution added to the company then becomes a nightmare as the CRM system refuses to “talk” with the new accounting or human resources software and so on.

Upgrading your CRM system may be the best way to solve this problem. When you use Sage 100 for your ERP, Scanco offers mobile field service and sales solutions that integrate seamlessly. Not only will this system communicate with other systems in your company, but it may improve customer satisfaction. Here’s how.

Scanco Sales: Not Just an Address Book

When CRM systems first hit the market, many companies treated them like glorified address books. The sales team had their uses for the CRM system, of course, as did the marketing department, but the rest of the company shrugged and wondered what all the fuss was about.

Scanco Sales offers so much more than what you may have now, if you’re working with an older system. With the Sage 100 mobile system, you can integrate accounting, shipping, and warehousing data with sales and marketing. The system becomes a comprehensive tool instead of a glorified address book, thus becoming what it was intended to be from the start.

Scanco Sales is a Sage 100 mobile app that can take your sales automation to the next level. This app is available for both iOS and Android and can be used both online and offline. With seamless integration to your Sage 100 ERP system, your sales representatives can get a real-time view of inventory levels, connect to the product catalog, create quotes and sales orders, gather customer invoice information, and so much more.

Improving Customer Satisfaction with Mobile Field Service

Scanco Sales and our mobile field service tool, Scanco Service, run from any device that has internet access. You aren’t locked into accessing the system from the office. Anyone with approved access can get into a customer’s file to look up information or add to it.

Think of the improvements in customer service with this one simple change. What happens now if a service call comes into your company? If you hear about customer frustration levels rising because a call must be transferred among many departments before customers get the answer they’re seeking, then you know what can happen when data isn’t shared.

With cloud-based systems, not only is the data available to all, it is available to people traveling outside the company itself. Sales people who make frequent calls on customers throughout the day are no longer tethered to their desk. Mobile field service personnel can look up inventory information or make notes on a customer file about a potential problem that must be solved. It makes the entire process more streamlined and efficient.

Using Scanco Service, a Sage 100 mobile field service app, your customer service team can have access to current inventory levels both in the warehouse and on the truck. It has job tracking, item inquiry, and warehouse transfers—all perfectly integrated with your Sage 100 warehouse system. Accurate inventory counts not only improve profitability, but also increase customer satisfaction.

Sage 100 Mobile Apps from Scanco

If you would like to get all the details of Scanco Sales or Scanco Services, contact us. We would be happy to demonstrate these Sage 100 mobile apps for you.