Top 3 Warehouse Management Challenges and How Mobile Solutions Can Solve Them

Warehouse-Management-ChallengesLet’s face it: warehouse management is not what it used to be. For better or worse, technology has changed the way we manage our warehouses and because of that, we have different challenges than we did back in the day. Here are the top 3 warehouse management challenges warehouse managers have to address if they wish to survive in today’s turbulent marketplace:

  1. Inventory Management
    As we discussed earlier this month, inventory management is one of the biggest challenges facing today’s warehouses. While there are several methods and strategies you can use to improve your inventory management, we think going mobile is the best way to go. When you use mobile devices loaded with inventory management applications, such as Sage 100 Warehouse and Scanco Counts, you can improve your inventory accuracy, increase the efficiency of your cycle counts, and dramatically reduce the time it takes your employees to perform basic inventory management tasks.
  2. Globalization
    This may seem like a minor issue, especially in the day-to-day life of the warehouse, but the truth is globalization is affecting warehouses across the world in a big way. As the marketplace continues to grow globally, so does the competition. This means there are more people who sell the same products you do from anywhere around the world. Oftentimes, these products cost less than the products you produce, providing them with a distinct advantage.Fighting for your place at the top requires you to rethink how you manage your warehouse. In order to remain competitive with your prices, you will have to cut areas in your budget. The best way we can think to do this is through automation. By using mobile devices loaded with warehouse management and inventory management applications, you can automate manual, time-extensive processes which in turn will save you time and money. These cost savings can then be translated into lower, more competitive prices.
  3. Unorganized warehouses and wasted space
    You may think the organization of your warehouse matters very little in the grand scheme of things, but the truth is it matters more than you think! Unorganized warehouses and workstations can lead to poor productivity numbers that wreak havoc on your company’s bottom line. Mobile warehouse management solutions, such as our newest Sage 100 mobile warehouse management application Scanco Warehouses, have unique mapping capabilities designed to help you create the perfect layout for your warehouse operation. Mobile solutions also provide you with the capability to track inventory using a barcoding system so you know exactly where your products are located in the warehouse at any given moment.

What are the greatest challenges your warehouse is facing? Are you using mobile technology to combat these challenges? Share your experience with us in the comments section below.