Streamline Your Warehouse Processes with Sage 100 Barcoding Software

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Sage-100-barcoding-softwareBarcoding has been around for decades now; however, there are still warehouses across the country who have yet to take advantage of this cost-saving technology. Barcode labels allow you to easily track items as they move throughout the warehouse and provide you with pertinent information about the item and its history. Companies who use barcoding solutions experience fewer errors, increased accuracy, improved productivity, and a rise in efficiency and (ultimately) profitability.

Not using barcodes can hinder not only your productivity in the warehouse but your business’ profitability as well. When your tasks aren’t automated, your employees waste time, effort and money on redundant and unnecessary processes. Your efficiency suffers, often resulting in longer order fulfillment times and even the occasional order delay. If your goal is to keep customers and not run them off, operating without a barcoding solution is the worst mistake you can make.

Implementing a barcoding solution is not hard, especially if you partner with a warehouse management consulting company who knows what they’re doing. Our Sage 100 barcoding software solutions are specifically designed to help your company streamline your warehouse processes so your customers receive their orders on-time, every time. Whether you’re using our Sage 100 barcoding apps (formerly MAS 90 barcoding and MAS 200 barcoding) or handheld barcode scanners, our Sage 100 barcoding software will give you the tools you need to quickly scan inventory and route products to the proper locations in your warehouse.

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