Streamline Your Supply Chain and Warehouse Management with Mobile Label Printing Software

Sage-100-label-printing-softwareIn order to remain competitive in the global marketplace, today’s manufacturers and distributors are constantly looking to save costs, improve accuracy, and increase efficiency wherever they can. One way companies can save costs and maximize efficiency throughout the supply chain through barcoding. The benefits of barcoding have been long applauded by businesses and industry experts alike; however, as technology continues to change, barcoding strategies and tools must be revisited and updated to take into account new technology and practices. By pairing existing barcoding solutions with mobile technology, manufacturers and distributors will gain the boost they need to become a key player in the global marketplace.

Using smartphones and tablets in the warehouse may seem like a foreign concept, but with the right solution, you will begin to see the value in implementing mobile technology. Take a look at some of the key benefits a mobile label printing software application can bring to your warehouse:

  • Time savings and improved accuracy in the receiving process. It’s a common practice for manufacturers to print batches of labels in advance (according to the advanced ship notice) and store them in the office until the products have arrived at the warehouse. While it seems like a good idea, this process results in wasted time walking to and from the office and creates the possibility of incorrect label attachment. Mobile label printing software eliminates travel throughout the warehouse and guarantees that the right label is being placed on the right product. With mobile label printing software, such as Scanco’s Sage 100 mobile app Scanco SkyPrint, you can print barcode labels directly from your smartphone and tablet and apply them on the spot.
  • Reduced risk of misidentified items and improved quality assurance. Ensuring that your shipments contain the right products is essential to your company’s success. Sending customers the wrong products only creates more work, additional cost, and places your customer satisfaction rate in jeopardy. With a mobile label printing application, you can tag items as they enter the warehouse for quality assurance testing, helping to reduce the risk of misidentified items. This in turn will boost your quality assurance and compliance.
  • Increased efficiency in the putaway process. A lot of time is wasted in the putaway process walking back and forth across the warehouse to retrieve barcode labels and put products in their correct location. Recent research has shown that using mobile printers during putaway improves processing time by 62 percent and can even save as much as 30 minutes a day per worker.
  • Improved picking accuracy and time savings in the picking process. Mobile label printing applications enable warehouse workers to pick multiple orders simultaneously in the same zone, eliminating wasted travel time and improving productivity. Mobile printers can be used to generate labels for each item so they can be scanned, picked, and shipped accordingly. This not only improved productivity and increases labeling accuracy, but it also expedites the shipping process so customers receive their orders on time, every time.

Are you looking to streamline operations and improve labeling accuracy? Our Sage 100 mobile application, Scanco SkyPrint, can help improve your barcode labeling process so you can manage your warehouse effectively. Contact us today to learn how companies just like you have benefitted from using Scanco SkyPrint.