Strange but True: How a Warehouse Management App Could Save Your Company

warehouse management appThe American logistics sector is facing an unprecedented labor shortage. The industry, which comprises 8% of the GDP (gross domestic product), is more important than ever now that consumers expect more options to purchase their products. For the businesses in the logistics sector, the industry’s upswing, paired with a continued decrease in unemployment rates, may turn out to be a curse.

How can you avoid the looming curse of a worker shortage? Consider a warehouse management app.

The Warehouse Workers’ Curse

Decreased unemployment rates are already making seasonal hiring difficult, and studies show that 79% of 3PLs are worried about the negative impact the coming worker shortage will have on their supply chain.

In essence, though the warehouse and logistics industry continues to need employees, Baby Boomers are retiring at alarming rates, and no one is stepping in to take over.

Fact: If your company doesn’t focus on hiring now, that labor shortage may take a large chunk out of your company and put you out of business.

3 Ways a Warehouse Management App Can Stop a Curse

It may sound melodramatic to call a labor shortage a “curse,” but warehousing operations that can’t hire enough employees will certainly feel as if a malignant force is plotting against them. As the breakneck-paced industry runs ever faster, they’ll experience continually slower fulfillment speeds, which will push their customers toward well-staffed competitors.

The great news is that you can avoid all this curse nonsense entirely. How? By getting the #1 fastest-growing workforce sector to work for you. Yup, I’m talking about Millennials. And one way you can get them interested is to give them access to the technology and work processes they love to use.

Attract Millennials with warehouse management software that:

  1. Works with a smartphone. It’s no secret that Millennials get unhappy fast when they can’t use smartphones. It seems that no matter what they’re doing, Millennials prefer to do that task on a smartphone. Over the next decade it will become increasingly important to offer warehouse management and inventory technology that runs on a smartphone, such as mobile-based inventory software and smartphone-based barcoding solutions. 
  1. Provides a handy warehouse management app. If smartphones are the most important thing to a Millennial, apps are the second-most important thing. After all, well-made apps are easy to use, easy to navigate, and let Millennials get right to the task at hand without wasting time. Warehouse management apps, like other apps, provide relevant information at a glance, anywhere and any time. 
  1. Helps you automate your warehouse. Of course, the best way to combat the upcoming labor shortage is to reduce your reliance on labor. Though warehouses and fulfillment centers are traditionally very labor-heavy operations, especially around the holidays, new automation tools can streamline your warehouse’s pick, pack, and ship process, as well as other complex inventory management tasks so you can get more done with less people.

Build a Stronger Workforce with Warehouse Management Apps

Though Millennials suffer a bad reputation in the workforce, the truth is that once you’ve got them on your team, they tend to be extremely loyal, hardworking employees who are skilled with technology and interpersonal communication, and who constantly seek better, faster ways to do their jobs.

It’s time to overcome the looming labor-shortage curse by giving those talented, young, motivated Millennials a chance. And when you offer them technology they love to use, such as warehouse management software on smartphones, they’ll be happy to give you a chance too.

*This article originally appeared in Bellwether Magazine.