Software for Supply Chain: What Manufacturers Really Want

software for supply chainWhen it comes to software for supply chain, what do manufacturers really want? Knowing the industry, we think they want the latest technology that helps them improve the supply chain, increase efficiencies, and cut costs—and all of this without sacrificing quality. That’s a tall order, but one that’s increasingly within reach of software for supply chain, thanks to IoT devices and mobile tools.

Saving Time, Decreasing Costs

Among the items manufacturers want, saving time and decreasing costs are high on the list. The less time spent on a project, the more projects can flow into the work pipeline. The less it costs to make a product, the greater the profits or the ability to translate cost savings into a competitive advantage.

Data may be the answer to the dual need of time and cost-savings. With better data flowing from the shop floor, managers can make smart decisions about pricing, staffing, and other factors involved in job costing.

Mobile devices, including barcode scanners, IoT enabled technology, and more, enable manufacturers to track everything down to the last widget. With such improved tracking, it’s easier to manage the entire supply chain.

Here at Scanco, we believe that software that seamlessly integrates with your Sage 100, Sage 500 ERP, and Acumatica system can help you save time and money. We can schedule a demonstrate to show you how it can be done. Contact us online or at (330) 645-9959 to learn more.