Simplify Inventory Management with Sage 100 Scanning for iOS, Android and Windows Phones

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Mastering inventory management is no easy task, and it presents one of the greatest challenges to manufacturers, distributors, and processing centers alike. With so many parts and products coming in and out of the warehouse, managers have a hard time keeping track of what goes where and moving it through the warehouse in an efficient manner. While modern warehouse management solutions can help, they are not effective if you are still going around physically counting and manually entering inventory levels into your Sage 100 ERP system.

When barcode scanners were first introduced, they were costly to implement and required additional software to maintain. Today, however, barcode scanning has evolved, and warehouse workers can even use their mobile phones to scan and track inventory as it moves through the warehouse. This has changed the game of inventory management and while it is still costly to manage, with mobile barcoding capabilities, it is simpler.

The Effects of Poor Inventory Management on the Warehouse

Before we discuss how mobile barcode scanning can transform your inventory situation, we’d like to address the effects poor inventory management may be having on your business. Whether due to incapable systems or just poor oversight, the effects of poor inventory management can be significant and long-lasting without any intervention. Here are just some of the challenges that result from improper inventory management:

  • The warehouse seems chaotic, and everyone is focused on daily survival rather than strategic pursuits.
  • Due to limited visibility, inventory stock out and overstock situations are more common than you’d like.
  • Customer relationships are strained due to poor customer service and late deliveries.
  • The costs of labor, inventory, utilities and equipment costs have risen and are only increasing, leading to going over set budget amounts and affecting the company’s overall bottom line.

Do any of the above circumstances sound familiar? If so, it’s time to look at your inventory options.

The Benefits of Mobile Inventory Management

Mobile inventory management is crucial to today’s warehouse management efforts. Not only are mobile inventory management solutions more adaptable than traditional solutions, but they also save your company a substantial amount of money. Our Sage 100 scanning application, Scanco Warehouse, allows warehouse workers to scan inventory directly from their iOS, Android or Windows Mobile devices. This gives workers the flexibility they need to move around the warehouse and connect with Sage 100 ERP on the go.

Take a look at the benefits your company could gain from our mobile Sage 100 scanning application:

  • Improved efficiency and simpler, faster workflows
  • Reduction in paperwork
  • Automatic creation of purchase orders and requisition on-location
  • Seamless connection to Sage 100 ERP so the back-office has real-time information
  • The capability to use any mobile device for inventory counting, tracking and scanning
  • Improved productivity by allowing workers to move away from their stationary workstations while retaining access to Sage 100 ERP
  • Increased data entry accuracy
  • Shipment accuracy

Keeping track of your inventory is hard work, and a lot of time and effort goes into counting, tracking, and moving inventory into and out of the warehouse. Without a capable solution that works for your business’ inventory needs, your inventory situation is most likely teetering on the edge between “in control” and “out of control.” Discover how our mobile Sage 100 scanning application can help you turn your inventory situation around and regain the time and money lost to poor strategies.

Interested in more tips for improving your warehouse and inventory management? Download our whitepaper, “Discover How Technology Can Improve Your Accuracy and Performance,” to learn how implementing the right technology can simplify inventory management and improve the efficiency of your business.