Should Warehouse Managers Encourage the Mobile Trend?

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The emergence of smartphones and tablets has influenced the business world in a powerful way, and companies everywhere are turning to mobile technology to improve their business productivity and efficiency. In a time where executives and sales personnel spend more time away from the office than in it, mobile technology is a more than a benefit; it’s a necessity. The expansion of mobile applications has allowed executives and managers to view important data and reports both in and away from the office, as well as perform routine tasks such as placing orders, updating customer information, and checking on customer order statuses. Managers and executives can access information instantaneously, which –in turn –can lead to more effective decision making on the company’s behalf.

While the mobile trend is certainly taking off in the business world, many warehouse managers have wondered whether or not they should be encouraging the use of mobile devices in the warehouse. After all, won’t giving employees access to their mobile phones decrease productivity? Not necessarily. Many companies provide smartphones and tablets for employees to use while on location so they aren’t using their personal devices. This helps keep employees on task and alleviates the burden of having to be responsible should something happen to an employee’s personal device while on the job.

When used correctly, smartphones and tablets can provide manufacturers and distributors with a real-time view of everything happening in the warehouse, enable them to efficiently count and track inventory, help them improve order fulfillment accuracy, and provide workers with real-time communication so everyone is on the same page. In the long run, arming your workers with mobile devices will serve to increase your profitability and improve your productivity, efficiency, and customer experience. Smart warehouse managers not only allow workers to use mobile devices to streamline tasks and improve communication, but they also reorganize their entire warehouse operation to support mobile technology.

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