Setting Goals for Your Sage 100 Mobile Sales and Mobile Field Service

mobile field serviceDo you have goals beyond productivity for your mobile sales and service tools? While sales force and service productivity are terrific goals, the real focus of these tools needs to be improving customer relationships. Consequently, these objectives must permeate the entire corporate culture from the front desk to the warehouse and fulfillment center.

What Are Typical Customer-based Objectives?

While good customer relationship objectives are quantifiable, they may also include some qualitative objectives as well. Typical objectives fall into the following three categories:

  • Acquisition: Many companies start a sales force automation project with the goal of using it to quantify, monitor, and manage their customer acquisition strategies.
  • Retention: Service objectives include retention efforts, with goals set to retain a set number of customers while continuing to grow the company’s client base and overall sales.
  • Satisfaction: Although satisfaction is often measured as part of retention, it can also be a separate metric based on both longevity statistics and retention data.

Is It Time to Redefine Your Sales and Mobile Field Service Objectives?

Sales and mobile field service objectives must be aligned to corporate goals or they’ll be ineffective at achieving overall objectives. Many factors influence corporate goals, including the company’s current financial state, projected financial state, current and new products, anticipated market demand, economic forecasts, competitive intelligence, and more.

If you haven’t adjusted your customer relationship goals to align with the current corporate goals, now may be a good time to make that change. Although many companies set their customer relationship goals during annual strategic planning sessions, sudden market fluctuations or other drastic changes may require you to take a step back and redefine your customer relationship objectives.

Appoint a Customer Relationship Task Force

Customer relationship management isn’t limited to your sales and service departments. In fact, it’s better to include representatives from each stakeholder group in the task force that manages the corporate-wide program. Consider rotating team members, and including leaders from sales, marketing, customer service, finance and other departments in addition to an IT representative.

Your customers are the lifeblood of your company. By setting goals that consider customer relationships and that are aligned with corporate objectives, your sales and mobile field service departments will be even more successful.

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