Scanco Warehouse for Sage 100: Warehouse Management at Your Fingertips

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Sage-100-mobile-warehouse-at-your-fingertipsOver the past few weeks, we’ve discussed how the Cloud is changing warehouse management as we know it. Years ago, warehouse managers only needed two things to effectively manage their warehouses: paper and a pen. Today, warehouse management is a lot more complex and much more is expected of warehouse managers. Customers expect to receive their orders faster than ever, and business executives expect to see warehouses operating efficiently at low costs. Important information such as order status and inventory levels must be filtered through the organization to the appropriate departments, and management needs access to real-time information and reports so they can make the most informed decisions for the business.

It’s safe to say that a paper and pen won’t cut it in today’s warehouse.

We have progressed past the point of paper and pens to new and innovative technology solutions. Warehouse workers are now equipped with mobile devices that seamlessly connect to the company’s ERP or warehouse management system via the Cloud. Inventory counting tasks can now be performed using barcode scanners or smartphones. Almost any process can be automated so you can focus your time and energy on more important tasks.

Here at Scanco, we are committed to bringing you the latest and greatest in warehouse management technology. That’s why we’ve created Scanco Warehouse, the first Sage 100 mobile (formerly MAS 90 mobile and MAS 200 mobile) app designed to help you achieve full warehouse automation using a device you already have. This app can be downloaded on any iOS, Android, or Windows device, and users have the option to configure it locally or in the Cloud. The application seamlessly integrates to your Sage 100 ERP system so you can access real-time information on your mobile device and company computer.

Take a look at the key benefits of using this Sage 100 mobile application in your warehouse:

  • The app installs within minutes, allowing you to start automating your warehouse processes right away.
  • Training is quick and easy. Since most of your workers already know how to use a smartphone or tablet, you only have to train them to use the app. This will decrease training costs significantly.
  • You can mix and match hardware devices. Say you want to use your smartphone for physical count but prefer to use handhelds for picking and packing… with Scanco Warehouse, you can do just that! You aren’t limited to a single device. Whether you want to use smartphones, tablets or handheld devices, the choice is yours.
  • View real-time inventory levels directly on your mobile device.
  • Increase ship time and decrease errors by automating manual (often error-ridden) processes.
  • The app utilizes the Cloud so you can access your data wherever, whenever.
  • Using the app will reduce your hardware costs. Like we mentioned before, Scanco Warehouse can be operated on any iOS, Android, or Windows device. If you already own these devices, all you have to do is purchase and download the app. If you don’t currently own these devices (or need to purchase additional products), they are not a costly investment. In fact, even if you have to invest in a few mobile devices, running your warehouse in the Cloud reduces your hardware costs by 50%!
  • The app updates automatically, taking some of the responsibility off of your IT staff’s shoulders.
  • Users can purchase barcode attachments for a more robust warehouse management solution. These attachments can take your warehouse management to a whole new level… all within your mobile device.

Is your warehouse ready to go mobile? Contact us today for a mobile assessment to find out if you’re ready to make the transition to the Cloud and beyond. For more information about how the Cloud and mobile technology are transforming the warehouse as we know it, stay tuned to our blog.