Scanco Cloud: Sage 100 Warehouse Management Meets the Cloud

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Sage-100-Warehouse-Management-in-the-CloudCloud technology is transforming the warehouse as we know it. Warehouses across the country are using mobile devices to automate and perform basic warehouse tasks, such as picking and packing, barcoding, inventory counting, and inventory tracking. By linking their enterprise resource planning (ERP) and warehouse management systems (WMS) to the Cloud, companies are able to view their warehouses in real-time and update records simultaneously. This instant access to information gives them a leg up over the competition and increases their chances for success in the global marketplace. After all, knowledge is power. With Cloud technology, your warehouse can have both.

This month we released our very own Cloud app, Scanco Cloud, to help our clients receive the full Cloud experience. Scanco Cloud effortlessly connects to Sage 100 ERP (formerly Sage ERP MAS 90/MAS 200) from any iOS or Android device, allowing users to have integrated scanning options with their smart device. Users can access any one of our warehouse transactions through the Cloud, giving them complete warehouse management at their fingertips. With true plug and play compatibility along with barcode scanning attachments, Scanco Cloud gives you everything you need to connect to and manage your intelligent Sage 100 mobile warehouse.

Discover how Scanco can help you make warehouse management easier. Contact us today to learn more about Scanco Cloud and our Sage 100 warehouse management apps.