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Manufacturing Automation for All Types of Operations 

Connect everyone and everything in order to drive production, quality control, and improve productivity. 

Automate job management functions and gain real-time insights into the workflow.


Sage 100 Manufacturing Software Modules

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Scanco Mobile Manufacturing Apps

sage 100 manufacturing

Sage Shop Floor for Production Management

Sage Shop Floor is the simplest way to input transactions into Sage Production Management. The system automates repetitive tasks and prevents errors. 

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sage 100 manufacturing

Manufacturing 100


Manufacturing 100 is a barcode tracking system for the manufacturing floor. Integrated with Sage 100, it  eliminates manual data entry and increases efficiency.


sage 100 manufacturing

Manufacturing 100 Professional


 Manufacturing 100 Professional is the most comprehensive solution available for Sage 100. It automates job management functions for manufacturing operations.


Sage Shop Floor for Production Management

Total production visibility to the shop floor

Sage Shop Floor provides easy access and visibility, allowing you to spot exceptions and errors and take corrective action quickly. Your staff can easily and conveniently collect data on labor tracking, material issue and material completion transactions, and update job status.  It’s user-friendly visual front-end is accessible via Windows, iOS, or Android.

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manufacturing automation software


Manufacturing 100


sage 100cloud manufacturing

Manufacturing 100 is the leading mobile manufacturing app for Sage 100

sage 100 manufacturing


Manage finished goods for inventory processes

Manufacturing 100 is the perfect solution for manufacturers that are looking to maximize efficiency. Eliminate manual tasks by incorporating mobile scanning and automation across all your warehouse operations.

This barcode data collection system adds even more functionality than Sage Shop Floor for tracking Material Issues, Labor Tracking, Status Updates, Finished Goods Entries, and Time Card. All data are validated real-time and go directly into Sage 100.

Manufacturing 100 is available for iOS and Android-enabled devices. Scanco Solution Specialists can help you decide which handhelds will be perfect for your production environment.

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Manufacturing 100 Professional


Advanced manufacturing automation for complex operations

Manufacturing 100 Professional is the most comprehensive solution available for Sage 100. The system includes all of the functionality of Manufacturing 100 plus many other advanced features.

It brings advanced functionality to Sage Production Management including allowing alternate parent items.

Working with Operations Management (JobOps), it can automate job management functions for complex manufacturing operations.

With countless hardware accessory options, users can scan barcodes, look up items, and send counts real time into Sage.

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Sage 100 Mobile Manufacturing Automation Features Comparison


FEATURES Sage Shop Floor MFG100 MFG100 Pro

Remote Device Operation Systems

 Desktop Operating System
Windows check-box    
 Mobile Operating System
Android check-box check-box check-box
iOS check-box check-box check-box

Transaction Functionality

 Labor Transactions
Clock In/Out on Work Ticket/Step check-box check-box check-box
Change Work Center   check-box check-box
Change Activity Code   check-box check-box
Change Status Code   check-box check-box
Record Quantity Completed   check-box check-box
Review Transaction Before Send To Sage check-box check-box check-box
Change Department   check-box check-box
Auto Send Transactions to Sage   check-box check-box
Auto Track Out   check-box check-box
IAuto Send to Sage   check-box check-box
 Material Issue Transactions
Issue materials on Work Ticket check-box check-box check-box
Issue non Work Ticket materials   check-box check-box
Review Transaction Before Send To Sage check-box check-box check-box
Display Quantity Remaining check-box check-box check-box
Allow exceed quantity required   check-box check-box
Allow Negative Quantity issues   check-box check-box
Track Employee with Issue transaction   check-box check-box
Allow multiple warehouses   check-box check-box
Print Labels   check-box check-box
 Material Completion Transactions
Review Transaction Before Send To Sage check-box check-box check-box
Filter Work Tickets by Work Ticket Class check-box check-box check-box
Track Employee with Issue transaction   check-box check-box
Print Labels   check-box check-box
Material Completion By Item   check-box check-box
 Status Update Transactions
Record Status Change on a Work Ticket Step check-box check-box check-box
Review Transaction Before Send To Sage check-box check-box check-box
Track Quantity Completed   check-box check-box
Default Quantity Completed   check-box check-box
Track Comment   check-box check-box
Default Status Code   check-box check-box
 Time Card Transactions
IClick In/Out for Payroll Time   check-box check-box
 Integrated Solutions
Scanco Multi-Bin   check-box check-box

Advanced Features

 Material Issue (Parts Usage)
Allow Certified Material Issue     check-box
 Labor Entry
Time Dilution     check-box
Auto Lunch/Break Punch     check-box
Over Midnight Time Breaks     check-box
 Material Completions (Make to Stock)
Allow Alternate Parent Item (PM Only)     check-box
 Batch Material Issue
Allow Batch Material Issue Activities (NON-Nesting)     check-box
 Material Auto Issue
Issue only lines with Zero Qty Used     check-box
Enable Send     check-box
Allow Default Bin (MulitBin Only)     check-box



“The better you’re able to account for your materials, the better you can control costs and avoid cost overruns.”
Les Pope

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