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Integrated Sage 100cloud Manufacturing Management for Greater Profitability

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Simplify Your Workflow with Accurate Job Cost Estimates



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Operations Management provides tools to quickly get accurate job cost estimates by determining the costs of the job’s components—material, labor, and subcontracted services. With a complete view of total costs and pricing information, you can make the best pricing decision.

Real-time integration with Sage 100 means that financial and operations data are in sync. Because manual data entry is eliminated, data are more accurate. 

Make-to-order manufacturers can streamline the quote to delivery process while improving profitability.

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Operations Management Base Modules

  • Job Estimating/Quoting: Quickly get accurate job cost estimates
  • Data Collector: Validate and import parts and labor transactions from any source
  • Sales Orders: Link sales orders and work tickets in the same order entry step
  • Work Tickets: Automatically create work tickets
  • Purchasing: Manage the purchasing process and avoid shortages



Operations Management Optional Modules

sage operations management manufacturing 100

Manufacturing 100

Track materials using a barcode data collection system

sage operations management enhanced scheduling

Enhanced Scheduling

Improve scheduling, on-time delivery, and profitability

sage operations management field service and dispatch

Field Service & Dispatch

Automate your service delivery and tracking process

sage operations management time tracker

Time Tracker

Track time and materials in real time

sage operations management purchase agent

Purchase Agent

Analyze materials needs and generate purchase orders

sage operations management product configurator

Product Configurator

Streamline custom configurations and orders

Learn More About Each Operations Management Module

  • Job Estimating/Quoting


    Quickly get accurate job cost estimates by determining the costs of the job’s components—material, labor, and subcontracted services. Suggested prices are calculated using the desired margin or profit.

    • Any combination of valuation methods including LIFO, FIFO, average cost, lot valuation
    • Dynamic update of material costs to reflect recent purchases
    • Detailed cost roll-up from a combination of BOM, routers, labor, estimated purchases, and contracted services
    • Re-use past quotes by copying existing templates
    • Product Configurator makes it easy to select options and calculate pricing
  • Data Collector

    Quickly and accurately validate and import both parts and labor transactions in the system.

    • Eliminate error-prone manual data entry
    • Gathers data from the shop floor, customer site, workstation or handheld device
  • Sales Orders / Work Tickets

     Simplify the order entry by generating a work ticket directly from a sales order.

    • Convert an approved detailed quote to a sales order in one click
    • Generate a work ticket order automatically
    • Check material availability before release
    • Attach product documentation and procedures specific to the job
  • Purchasing

    Manage the purchasing process to avoid materials shortages that impact delivery schedules. Purchase to order or job means materials purchasing takes place when a job requires the material.

    • Tracks start date for each step, operation and phase of job
    • Reviews BOM required for each step and creates list of all materials needed to be purchased
    • Automatically generates purchase orders
    • Optimizes cash flow by ordering only what is needed for jobs
    • Creates dynamic to-do list for every job
  • Manufacturing 100


    Eliminate manual tasks with mobile barcode scanning. This barcode data collection system tracks Material Issues, Labor Tracking, Status Updates, Finished Goods Entries, and Time Card.

    • Real-time integration with Operations Management
    • Available for iOS and Android-enabled devices
    • Real-time data validation
  • Enhanced Scheduling


    Schedule resource allocation and prioritize jobs to ensure on-time delivery and profitability.

    • Drag and drop scheduling board and tools
    • Work center calendars
    • Finite and infinite scheduling
  • Field Service & Dispatch


    Automate your service delivery and tracking process to increase field service efficiency and revenue. Streamline your service business by simplifying dispatching and management of your employees and work orders at the same time.

    • Real-time data and reporting
    • Eliminate invoice errors and get paid faster
    • Schedule and dispatch technicians for service calls
    • Accurately schedule tasks and components needed for repair calls
    • Capture real-time costs for profitability on a job-by-job basis
    • Track costs against contracts
    • Seamless integration with Microsoft Outlook and Sage 100
  • Time Tracker


    Let workers report on what they have completed and the materials they have used in real-time. You are kept up to date with the status of all your jobs and can respond to customer inquiries about their jobs in a timely manner.

    • Real-time actual versus estimated costing
    • Projected costing based on work completed
    • Real-time job status and reports
    • Real-time alerts about potential cost overruns while in production
    • Integrated job cost accounting and job management
  • Purchase Agent


    Manage the purchasing process to avoid materials shortages and ensure the right materials arrive just in time.

    • To-do list of materials needed to be purchased based on orders, minimum stock requirements, current supply, quantities on purchase order, and optional MRP projections
    • Easy-to-read graphical table for the buyer to review and edit
    • Generate purchase orders at the click of a button
    • Sage 100 Work Order integration available
    • Can be purchased as a stand-alone module without Operations Management
  • Product Configurator


    Wizard guides you through the process of configuring a customer’s product. Rules-based analysis only allows available product options and configurations.

    • Configuration templates save time and improve efficiency
    • Easy step-by-step configuration process saves time
    • Visual validation shows visual of options selected during the configuration process
    • Price calculation rule gives you end-user pricing based on options chosen
    • Smart part numbers identify a part’s unique features
    • Auto Build BOM and Auto Build Work Tickets
“JobOps is the most important module on this system for us because it links purchase orders to sales orders. Our service department manager uses JobOps to track when parts come in so as to better monitor inventory. Perhaps the best part is that we can calculate profits and know which orders contribute most to our bottom line.”
JoAnn Linnell

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