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New! Scanco OPS for Sage Intacct


The operations tracking and automation tool Sage Intacct users have been looking for is here! Scanco brings years of experience in automating manufacturing and inventory processes to Sage Intacct. 

Scanco OPS for Sage Intacct has been designed for and certified by Sage Intacct.


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Track Anything


Scanco OPS for Sage Intacct can track just about anything: accounting, inventory, finished goods, labor, materials, and more all in one system.


Customize for Your Business


Customize Scanco OPS for Sage Intacct to fit your business. Change names, fields, steps, dates and more, quickly and easily.

Track Anywhere


Scanco OPS for Sage Intacct is cloud-based and can run on any browser you use for Sage Intacct.



Eliminate Data Entry


Scanco OPS for Sage Intacct seamlessly integrates with Sage Intacct so you don’t have to enter data twice. Automating data entry reduces the risk of errors and makes information available immediately.




Process Management for Sage Intacct

Does your business include any of these processes? Do you need to track goods, work orders, or labor? Then Scanco OPS for Sage Intacct is for you!

  • Manufacturing
  • Making finished goods to inventory
  • Making custom finished goods
  • Assembly
  • Advanced kitting
  • Fabrication
  • Job and billing tracking
  • Research & Development

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Scanco OPS for Sage Intacct Features

Scanco OPS for Sage Intacct is so versatile that it can be used for a variety of businesses. You can easily customize the screens to track your processes and use your internal names and descriptions.


In these features, we show what a Sage Intacct manufacturing operation could look like by tracking a work order process. Your process could be kitting, service, projects, and more.

  • Work Order (Process) Entry

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    • Multiple Work Order classes
    • Multiple auto and manual labor and material options by Work Order or Work Order class
    • Multiple costing methods for Finished Goods
    • Transfer order between users or allow administrators to take over an order
  • Work Order (Process) Steps

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    • From 1 to 999,999 steps per Work Order
    • Number or sequence steps, and rearrange them without changing the sequencing
    • Set actual, budget, setup and revised labor numbers and costs
    • Production start, stop, completed by step
    • Change or add Activity codes, Work Centers and Status
    • Sort and filter lists
  • Work Order (Process) Materials

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    • Unlimited items for each step
    • Multiple items with different quantities or warehouses
    • Set different promise dates on different items
    • Sort and filter lists
  • Work Order (Process) Schedule

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    • Infinite capacity
    • Estimated start and stop dates
    • Estimated release, actual release and due dates by step
  • Work Order (Process) Attachments

    OE5 PNG

    • Attach multiple types of documents, including URLs, for each step on a Work Order
    • Categorize attachment types
    • Configure attachment location globally or though OPS admin portal
  • Transaction Batch Entry

    OE6 PNG

    • Enter labor, material, completion and close transactions simultaneously by tabs
    • Multiple people can enter batch transactions at the same time with color-coding to simplify list views

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“Nothing leaves the warehouse unscanned. In an operation this large, it’s imperative that we keep accurate track of our products and their movement, and this system makes it possible.”
Charles Childers

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