Sage 100 Warehouse Management for Better Inventory Control

Sage 100 warehouseSage 100 warehouse management management software enables better inventory control. With real-time, cloud-based data updates from your warehouse into your company’s ERP system, you can see at a glance what may be needed to complete orders. You’ll be able to see the flow of orders in and out, as well as the stock levels for both raw materials and finished goods. You can then order more as needed and maintain optimal inventory levels throughout your company.

Good Inventory Control Leads to Greater Profitability 

Most companies find that their capital is tied up in inventory more than they’d like it to be. Yet, if they don’t maintain inventory levels, they cannot fill customer orders. Let those levels drop, and out-of-stock messages proliferate. Frustrated customers can go elsewhere, resulting in lost business.

With better inventory control through Sage 100 warehouse management, you can keep your inventory at the optimal levels to meet projected demand. Projects become more accurate because past data is kept in one system. Real-time access means no delays in inventory reporting, so you can act swiftly to order more products as you need them.

Automating your warehouse through Sage 100 warehouse management tools, barcode scanners, and other technology is an investment that pays for itself in increased sales and reduced mistakes. If it’s time to find a good warehouse automation tool, talk to the experts at Scanco.

Warehouse Management Systems from Scanco 

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