Sage 100 Mobile Warehouse Makes Inventory Control Easier

Sage 100 mobile warehouseA Sage 100 mobile warehouse is possible through Scanco Warehouse 100 which provides a flexible, mobile app that enables you to view every aspect of your supply chain quickly and easily so you can control your inventory levels and reduce shrinkage.

Control Inventory Levels 

Better data enables better decision-making. In the past, managers had to wait for manual stock counts to be updated in the computer before they could decide whether or not to reorder products. With a Sage 100 mobile warehouse, updates are completed in real-time, meaning the data that you see on your office computers is the same as what’s sitting in your warehouse. No more waiting for data entry, and no more mistakes from tired typists. It’s real-time data to help you better control inventory levels.

Reduce Shrinkage 

Scanned barcodes help prevent manual count errors that can lead to false shrinkage reports. They can also detect losses quickly so that you can take immediate action to counteract shrinkage. With the right data, you can act confidently to rectify problems.

A Sage 100 mobile warehouse is achieved through a powerful cloud-based warehouse management tool, Scanco Warehouse 100, that can help your business become more efficient. It’s one of the leading technologies for businesses, and offers many features that can give you the right performance for your needs. 

Warehouse Management Systems from Scanco 

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