Sage 100 Mobile Provides More Information to Your Customers

Sage 100 mobileScanco Sales, Sage 100 mobile technology enables your field sales team to showcase your products in the best possible light. By providing a cloud-based app with easily accessible information via a common WiFi, the Sage 100 mobile technology gives your sales people a powerful tool to help them sell more products.

Customer Visits and Showcasing Products 

Depending on what you sell, you may take along samples or merely show photos to customers of what they can purchase. Companies who rely on photo-based sales sheets will find Scanco Sales offers an excellent tool for on-site sales demonstrations. You can easily access inventory levels, product information, and product photos with one tap of your finger. Customers are much more likely to buy what they can see, and to buy when items are in stock and ready to ship. You can find out both pieces of information with the Sage 100 mobile app.

Take Orders, Receive Payment 

Closing a sale means completing the order and receiving payment. It’s easier to close a sale when you can do so at one sitting. If you have to return to confirm the order and accept payment, it gives the customer time to change their mind.

With Scanco Sales and Sage 100 mobile capabilities, you can complete the transaction in one sitting. Create the purchase order, receive payment, and update your customer’s account right from your smartphone.

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