Put Mobile First with Sage 100 Mobile Sales

businessman using touch padMobile devices have become the primary, and sometimes the only, technology that the sales force uses for their work responsibilities. This shift has greatly increased the demand for mobile apps that can make their job more productive and increase sales. Mobile sales capabilities should be important part of your company technology plans.

BYOD Creates Complexity and Challenges in Mobile Sales

Salesforce mobile technology is frequently BYOD (Bring Your Own Device). Sales representatives often don’t want to have additional devices to carry with them. Smartphones are primarily used for email and other communication, but tablets are preferred to access content and give presentations. Looming in the future are wearables, which just may push smartphones aside someday. All of these devices increase the complexity of your technology requirements. Your system must be capable of being accessed with iOS, Android and Windows.

Having sales apps running on all of the mobile devices won’t be effective unless the apps are integrated with corporate systems. Sales representatives need to be able to complete all functions from their mobile devices, accessing data and processing sales in real-time. Back-office integration will increase efficiency, eliminate double-entry errors and enable effective decision-making.

While there are significant benefits to implementing mobile technology across all areas of business, there are certainly challenges that you will need to address.

  • App Management: The proliferation of apps available on smartphones and tablets could create a hodgepodge of unrelated systems.
  • Data Security and Sharing: As more employees have direct access to your corporate data, you will need a strategy in place to ensure your sensitive corporate information is secure.
  • Employee-owned Devices: Over 70% of mobile employees will conduct work on their own devices by 2017. Having a wide variety of devices all accessing your network will increase operational complexity.
  • Cost: Creating an infrastructure to support mobility will require an initial cost.

Putting Mobility First with Sage 100 Mobile Sales

Scanco can help you put mobility first with your sales functions using our Sage 100 mobile sales app designed for iOS, Android and Windows. This comprehensive sales solution streamlines the sales process allowing sales representatives to connect with the data they need and accomplish crucial tasks both inside and outside of the office. It provides sales reps with a full database of customer information, allowing them to see conversation history, sales order history, and any products they may be waiting on. If Scanco Warehouse or Scanco Enterprise is linked, users can also view inventory levels and provide customers with accurate estimations of when their product will arrive. Some capabilities include:

  • Capture electronic signatures
  • Create and edit orders
  • Process payments
  • Access invoice history and real-time inventory levels
  • Access customer data
  • Provide GPS integration
  • Display month-to-date sales figures
  • Connect to a hand-held barcode scanner
  • Seamlessly integrate to Sage 100 and Sage 500

Implementing our Sage 100 mobile sales application, you will see a rapid Return on Investment (ROI). Benefits include:

  • Your salesforce will be more productive and efficient. Typically, fewer sales calls are required to close a deal because the sales rep can access all of the information needed and answer questions on the spot.
  • Because sales representatives do not need to return to their office to complete tasks, they can be more effective and spend time generating more sales.
  • Errors are reduced since your Sage 100 mobile sales app is directly connected to the back office. This eliminates the need for manual data entry. Data is automatically used to provide reports, create invoices and order product.

If you are ready to put mobility first in your sales operations, you can learn more about Scanco Sales here.