Oops! Another Sage 100 Sales Data Mistake

Sage 100 salesAre any of these problems familiar? If so, it may be time to clean up your Sage 100 sales data. It may also be time to check out Scanco Sales to help you manage your sales process and customer information.

  1. Your records are incomplete or you have duplicate records. Perhaps you have duplicates like this: Katherine P. Brown at XYZ Company, Katherine Brown, and Kate Brown may all refer to the same person. In this case, you can run basic reports to find incomplete files and records in your database. You can also review customer files and compare names to find potential duplicates
  2. You have no idea how customers prefer to be contacted. If you do not already track customer communication preferences, it may be wise to add fields now to do so in the future. Customers increasingly expect companies they interact with to remember and utilize their chosen communication preferences. If someone prefers a phone call over an email, it is both courteous and good service to place that phone call. It is also wise, since they may not answer emails swiftly. To update customer preferences, consider sending a short, simple email out to your customers asking them to confirm their choices and offering them the option of changing any at this time. A little courtesy goes a long way to improve customer service.
  3. You have defunct businesses in your records. Customers come and customers go, and some companies go out of business. Managing and storing defunct business data costs money. Designate someone at your company to update records annually, and collect information on companies that have stopped ordering, stopped doing business with you, or who have gone out of business.

Scanco Sales

Scanco Sales is a Sage 100 mobile sales app that integrates seamlessly with Sage 100. It places the power of Sage 100 onto your sales team’s smartphone so that they can better manage customer data and the entire sales process. Everything is synced in real-time, so everyone is working from the same data. Check out all of the other great features by contacting us.