Now Available: Integrated, Mobile Manufacturing and Warehouse Automation from Scanco

warehouse automationYour manufacturing business doesn’t stop at the production floor and your barcoding solution doesn’t have to either. Manufacturers’ requirement for integrated production and inventory software drove the evolution of enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems.  Integration of manufacturing and inventory operations is a sure way to improve productivity and save costs.

Until now, barcoding solutions for manufacturing and the warehouse had to be purchased from separate vendors and didn’t work together. But Scanco now offers completely integrated barcoding solutions that span the manufacturing floor and the warehouse. And this integrated solution with JobOps/Sage Manufacturing, provides real-time data synchronization with Sage 100C JobOps.

Manufacturing and Warehouse Automation from Materials to Shipping

Scanco is the market leader in mobile warehouse automation solutions. Now those solutions are fully integrated with our new mobile manufacturing automation.  Using mobile barcode scanners, Sage 100c users can automate data collection and processing from accounting, bill of materials, manufacturing, distribution, and shipping.

Some of the features of JobOps/Sage Manufacturing include:

  • Materials tracking: From any location, track all parts used by step for a work ticket, issue material to jobs and more.
  • Manufacturing operations: Track machine downtime, re-tooling, setup, or anything that can affect the productivity of your operations.
  • Labor tracking: Track the time spent on each step for each job. Evaluate the productivity of your workers.
  • Payroll integration: Collect payroll punch times and transfer the data to your payroll system.
  • Warehousing operations: Track inventory wherever it is located in your warehouse. Real-time synchronization with Sage 100c means everyone knows the status of an order.
  • Inventory control: Eliminate paper counting and data entry. Item inquiry gives users a real-time view of inventory levels at any moment.
  • Shipping: Automated picking and shipping decrease time to ship and improve order accuracy.

Scanco’s Manufacturing Automation Solutions Don’t Stop at the Production Floor

Our goal is to automate and integrate all of your operations. Check out Scanco’s expanded manufacturing automation solutions for Sage 100 and Sage 500. Combined with our respected warehouse automation systems, your entire operations can be optimized for greater productivity. Contact us for a free consultation about automating your warehouse and manufacturing operations.