New Scanco Warehouse NS: Seamless Warehouse Management and Integration with NetSuite

warehouse managementNetSuite users were often frustrated by the lack of warehouse management software choices in the market. Other ERP systems integrated easy with warehouse and fulfillment management tools, but NetSuite was a different ballgame entirely. Now, however, with Scanco Warehouse NS, you can integrate your NetSuite applications with Scanco’s reliable, efficient software for optimal business management and information.

Great for Managing Multiple Locations at Once

Scanco Warehouse NS offers a robust tool for managing multiple warehouse locations at once. Login just once and you’ll be able to access data from multiple locations and products. The system is cloud-based and opens a channel into NetSuite immediately so that all data is real-time, both on your device and to anyone else reviewing it.

Runs from an App

Nearly everyone today is familiar with smartphone apps. These ubiquitous programs power everything from games to social media. Scanco Warehouse NS is also accessible via an app. It launches right from the home screen of your Android or iOS smartphone, instantly connecting you to your warehouse information and more. You can get stock counts, as well as receive and transfer orders right from your smartphone.

Simple Learning Curve

One of the best features of Scanco Warehouse NS is its ease of use. It’s an intuitive app that’s so easy to learn, you and your team will be up and running in no time at all. The simple learning curve can be mastered in less time than it took to program your phone originally. You won’t even need your kids to show you how to do it!

Features of Scanco Warehouse NS

Scanco Warehouse NS packs a lot of punch into a simple app. Here’s what this warehouse management software can do for you:

  • Access your data from any Android or iOS compatible equipment—your smartphone, tablet, you name it.
  • Easily view and conduct warehouse transfers and location transfers with the touch of a finger on your screen.
  • Move between Scanco Warehouse NS and NetSuite quickly. The two systems are integrated so seamlessly you can find what you need in an instant.
  • Review shipping and receiving data in real time.
  • Study physical counts, and make changes or inquiries as needed.
  • See bin management across functions and locations easily and quickly.
  • Update systems automatically.

Recommended Hardware

Even though the Scanco Warehouse NS is cloud-based, meaning it runs off of the internet, it works best with specific hardware models. These include specific smart devices and scanners including:

  • TC70
  • TC55
  • LP5
  • LP5 with pistol grip
  • LP6

If you’re not sure whether your current hardware works with the Scanco Warehouse NS system, we’re happy to answer any questions you may have. Please contact us for details or visit our website.

Are You Ready to Make the Switch?

Let’s face it: paper-based inventory methods leave a lot to be desired. Either your staff is making scratch marks on a clipboard to count items and running the papers into the office, where they have to be entered manually into your ERP system, or you’ve got an equally simple and inefficient system in place. Such systems have been used for decades, maybe even centuries if you replace an ERP system with a big old-fashioned ledger book.

The time has come to think differently about inventory management. New technologies like Scanco Warehouse NS are emerging that make older methods obsolete. With newer systems, you can manage your inventory whether you’re in the warehouse, the office, or at a client meeting. Your entire team can see the current stock situation and answer customer questions. More importantly, when systems integrate like this one, real time data flows throughout your organization, making everyone able to do their jobs better.

With so many benefits and few drawbacks, isn’t it time to look into Scanco Warehouse NS? We’d love to speak with you more about how it can transform your inventory management and fulfillment.

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