More Than Inventory Management Software for NetSuite …

inventory managementAlthough physically counting items may be the most dreaded task of inventory management, successful businesses understand that their inventory management software needs to do more than simply count. Effective solutions must provide an all-in-one warehouse management system (WMS) that displays both inventory stock levels and locations. This way, you’ll know where to find everything you manage, all the time.

There are few things in the workday more frustrating than looking up multiple inventory items in NetSuite and not being able to find any one of them. When you know where everything is with the insight you’ve gained from your inventory management software, you won’t have to deal with the frustration of wasting time looking for misplaced inventory. That means you’ll be able to meet deadlines easier and faster. Here’s what you’ll get when you choose Scanco’s NetSuite solution.

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Increase Detailed Visibility

Even in a warehouse with a few hundred items, stock gets misplaced. Whether the mistake springs from inaccurately listed bin locations, undocumented cross-location transfers, or plain and simple staff errors during receiving or returns, the fact is that hard-to-find inventory slows down busy warehouses and wastes money. When your warehouse is larger than a few hundred items, the problems of lost stock become much worse, because you and your staff have nearly unlimited places to look for misplaced items. Often, it’s cheaper and faster to order or make more.

With inventory management software built specifically for NetSuite, your company will gain insight into all your stock at all your locations, which can instantly clear up those mysterious disappearances and ease the transfer process between locations. When paired with barcoding systems, your organization can also reduce picking and receiving errors so less stock gets misplaced to begin with.

Save on Costs

In addition to increasing visibility to speed your operations, Scanco Warehouse NS, built for NetSuite ERP, also saves you money. Deep insight into your stock levels will reduce your stock-outs and curb surplus inventory pileups, and will free you to store your inventory anywhere you wish. These days, on-demand warehousing is becoming quite popular, and with the ability to see where your stock items are stored off-site, you can take advantage of this cost-saving alternative to excess seasonal storage space.

Not only does cloud-based inventory management software for NetSuite free you from locational shackles, it provides labor cost savings, as well. Your team will increase productivity and decrease wander time with iOS and Android-based scanning tools that speed the pick, pack, and ship process with hands-free innovations such as voice-based picking.

Speed Up Inventory Management

We started off talking about physical counts and it’s time to return to the topic. Every distributor dreads the lengthy, dull, and expensive process of inventory counting, so tools that help you speed up your inventory management processes are a welcome addition to warehouses this time of year.

With seamlessly integrated barcode scanning for NetSuite, your team can ensure faster, more accurate counts; faster, more accurate picking and receiving; and faster, more accurate delivery dates. Even better, all these processes can become paperless and automated, which will help your distribution company grow in 2018 and beyond.

Choose Scanco for Cloud Inventory Management Software

Since 1989, Scanco has been helping distributors speed their operations to get orders out the door using innovative, time-saving automation tools. Now, more than ever, speed is of the essence in distribution operations. It’s time to learn how much time you can cut out of your day-to-day workflow when you combine the power of NetSuite with the efficiency of 100% cloud-based inventory management software from Scanco.

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