Mobile Scan Makes the Post-Holiday Season Brighter

mobile scanHow’s this for a stat? According to research by Forrester, post-holiday-season returns in the eCommerce age can reduce your holiday revenues by up to 50%, depending on your industry.

That’s a statistic that no e-commerce company wants to see. Fortunately, with mobile scan at your fingertips, you can at least process those returns faster. Companies that use mobile scanning tools to speed their processes for accepting, sorting, and handling large volumes of returns can use their efficiency as a differentiator that makes them more attractive to vendors.

Why Focus on Efficient Returns?

An efficient return process can help your company:

  • Maintain good customer relations and service.
  • Update inventory quickly and accurately.
  • Maintain real-time records on inventory, stock counts, and inventory value.

This information enables your business to assess its profitability even after a rush of holiday returns. Returns may be inevitable, but they don’t have to be an impossible feat to update in your inventory system.

Handling Returns with Mobile Scan

Mobile scan can be used for outbound shipments as well as receiving returns. Collect returns, then scan the returns in batches during receiving. A small team can then go through the receiving area scanned pile to return items to inventory or separate out items needing repair. Resalable stock can then go back into inventory as quickly as possible.

Scanco’s flexible mobile scan tools make it easier and faster to process both outbound and inbound shipments. Mobile scan can be used for:

  • Receiving
  • Real-time inventory updates
  • On-demand barcode label printing

Contact Scanco online or by phone at (330) 645-9959 to learn how quickly you can improve your returns process.