Manufacturing Automation provides Warehouse Automation users the functionality to perform Sage 500 manufacturing transactions including Material Issues, Material Returns, Labor transactions and Production Entry on a handheld device.


  • Real time tracking of raw material and production information from the shop floor
  • Reduced data entry time
  • Real-time visibility of production status

Real Time View of Manufacturing Floor

Sage 500 Manufacturing customers currently record raw material issues and production entries manually and then key the information into the Sage 500 ERP system. With the installation of Manufacturing Automation, the time delay for the manual process has been eradicated and manufacturers can see real time updates to inventory of both raw materials and finished goods instantaneously. Managers gain a real time view of what step or stage each Work Order is in to better plan resources and respond to customer inquiries. Manufacturing Automation includes updates to the Warehouse Automation profiles setup, the Warehouse Automation Listener application and the handheld client software to provide full access to manufacturing tracking.

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