Manually Counting Inventory? There’s a Better Way

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counting inventoryWhen there’s a need for speed, it’s easy to cut corners with inventory counts. Counting inventory can be tedious and time-consuming but inventory counts matter to your business. Without accurate inventory counts, you’ll misreport stock levels and your balance sheet will be inaccurate.

Why Counting Inventory Matters

With the pressure on to deliver orders faster and faster, counting inventory often falls by the wayside during the rush to ship. But accurate inventory counts matter. If a disaster befalls your company such as a flood, fire, or other problem, an accurate inventory count can be a lifesaver for insurance claims.

Accurate inventory counts are also critical when moving into busy seasons for your business. Without an accurate count, you may not have enough popular items in stock. Inventory counts can help you manage reorders so that you’re never out of stock.

Your inventory represents a significant investment on your company’s part. You’ve got a lot of cash tied up in inventory. Mistakes in reporting inventory counts can lead to overstating profits, which in turn leads to higher taxes. No one wants to pay more than their fair share!

Making Inventory Counting Easier with Scanco

You don’t need a clipboard and a tick list for your inventory counting. Scanco has the solution. Sage Mobility is a new a tool that can improve your inventory counting speed by 75% while also increasing accuracy, productivity, and cost effectiveness.

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