JOScan allows your warehouse, field service, or remote teams to capture labor, material, status, and time card information and send that data into JobOps for update.

JOScan is a highly flexible, adaptable barcode data collection solution ideal for manufacturers and is optimized for JobOps. JOScan is easy and intuitive to use so your payback begins immediately, not after a lengthy training and implementation period. For accuracy, efficiency, and ease of use, JOScan delivers just what you need — when and where you need it.

JOScan is the handheld and desktop barcode scanning and data collection solution designed to allow manufacturers and field service organizations to minimize costs, maximize productivity and maintain a competitive edge in today’s marketplace. JOScan integrates seamlessly with existing processes and is fully compatible with JobOps.

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JOScan Features Overview


for Labor Tracking

The JOScan Work Ticket Labor Tracking module puts the functionality of JobOps Time Tracker Time Entry anywhere you need it. Easily track the time spent on each step by scanning the employee number and the step of a job. JOScan allows you to track labor against jobs, it also allows you to track non-productive time and other costs including machine downtime, breaks, re-tooling, setup, and training.


for Parts Usage

JOScan Parts Usage Tracking delivers the functionality of JobOps Time Tracker Parts Usage anywhere your need it. Track all parts used by step for a work ticket. Issue mate- rial to jobs, back into inventory from the job, use material not on the Work Ticket, or use alternate items. Simply scan the job and the part and collect the warehouse, the quan- tity, and lot or serial numbers, or if it is chargeable.


for Status Updates

JOScan Status Change component enables your team to update the status of steps throughout the manufacturing process. Change the status without creating a labor transaction.


for Time Card Tracking

JOScan for Time Card Tracking allows you to collect payroll punch times and send that data to the JOScan database. Collect and export data for use in Sage 100 ERP or to send to your payroll service provider.

JOScan Key Benefits

Fast and Accurate

  • Ability to auto sync right into JobOps using Data Collector.
  • ƒEvery directly connected JOScan device is interconnected—data collected on one is instantly visible to all.
  • Scanned data is validated—whether connected to the network or not.
  • Scanning minimizes data entry errors.
  • QC Module captures all shop oor information and links directly to a WO Ticket, Part, or Employee

Live Shop Floor Monitoring

  • Customizable screen refreshes automatically.
  • Displays Work Ticket transactions as they occur real time in Admin Review or Shop Floor Monitor.
  • ƒSee who is working and what they are working on.
  • Administrative console provides complete control from single screen to any directly connected device.

Cost Effective

  • Allows Field Service or Remote Installation teams to track inventory used and time spent on jobs and related eld expenses to send back to the Work Ticket.
  • ƒEliminates the need for duplicate data entry.

Highly Flexible

  • Capture Material Usage, Labor Tracking, Status Change, and Time Card data.
  • Communicate via HTTP when out of the range of your network.
  • ƒSupports lot and serialized items.
  • ƒRuns on ruggedized handhelds, tablets, smart phones, think clients, touch screens, or existing workstations.

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