Is My Warehouse Management System Due for an Upgrade?

Warehouse-Management-System-UpgradeRecent technological advances have urged many manufacturers and distributors to evaluate their current software solutions and trade in their old software for newer, more innovative solutions. While we do not recommend switching software just because there is something newer and better on the market, we do support the practice of periodically evaluating your software and technology to ensure they are meeting the needs of your organization. If you think your warehouse management system is due for an upgrade, we’d like to help. Below are the top three signs of ineffective warehouse management solutions:

  1. Your current solution is not keeping up with your business needs. If you purchased your warehouse management solution ten years ago, chances are it has not evolved to fit your needs today. Today’s warehouse management systems need to have the technology capable of growing and expanding with your business. Our Cloud solutions allow you to take advantage of everything a traditional warehouse management solution can provide, as well as arm you with technology that will grow alongside your business.
  2. Your WMS and other business management applications don’t communicate. Communication between your software applications is crucial. If your WMS does not sync up with your ERP software, you have a huge information gap that could cost your business dearly. Find a warehouse management application that integrates seamlessly with your ERP system for the ultimate warehouse management experience.
  3. The average user cannot use the software effectively. If you need a master’s degree to use your software, it is not a practical solution. Modern warehouse management applications are easy to use and navigate, allowing users to start using the system quickly. If your employees aren’t able to use the software without help or workarounds, it’s time to start looking for a new solution.

Do any of the above signs resonate with your current warehouse management technology situation? If so, give us a call today! We have a variety of innovative warehouse management software applications designed to help you stay current with today’s technology trends so you don’t fall behind the competition.