Is Mobile Sales All It’s Cracked Up to be?

Sage-100-Mobile-Sales-ApplicationAs with any new trend, mobile technology has received its fair share of criticism – particularly in the business world. Many misconceptions regarding mobile technology abound, including the theory that adopting mobile solutions in the workplace is more expensive than using the system currently in place. While there is certainly an initial investment when implementing mobile solutions (as there is with any new business solution), the return on investment far exceeds the cost of the solution. Businesses, however, can minimize costs by downloading these mobile solutions onto devices they already own.

In fact, according to recent research, 89% of businesses already use some sort of mobile device for work and 67% of those businesses say they would lose substantial competitive ground without these devices. Since so many businesses already use smartphones and tablets in the workplace, why not arm them with the tools they need to accomplish their work more effectively on-the-go? That’s exactly the purpose of Scanco Sales, a Sage 100 mobile sales (MAS 90 mobile sales/ MAS 200 mobile sales) app that can be downloaded on any iOS, Android or Windows device. This mobile sales solution gives you immediate access to all of the information your sales team needs, when they need it. It is designed to put detailed customer information at your fingertips and allow you to quickly and easily perform key sales tasks no matter your location.

Mobile sales is transforming the way sales team work. Stay tuned for real-life accounts of how our Sage 100 mobile sales solution, Scanco Sales, has helped some of our clients achieve their sales goals and improved productivity both in and away from the office.