Insights from Sage MAS 90 / Sage 100 Help Manufacturers Work Smarter and Faster

Sage 100Visibility is the #1 concern for manufacturers that run Just-in-Time (JIT) operations for make-to-order manufacturing companies in Sage 100 / Sage MAS 90. Contact Scanco online or call (877) SCANCO-1 to schedule your free advisory consultation.

Key Visibility Areas

Improve visibility into these five key areas and work smarter and faster.

  1. Orders: Visibility into jobs and order status helps you stay on top of work, even during rush times. When you know what’s in the order queue, you can allocate resources and staff to handle the influx. It empowers you to manage resources more efficiently.
  2. Staff: Detailed information about labor outputs can help you put stronger workers at the head of the line when it comes to crunch time. It can also help you identify training needs.
  3. Materials: Data on materials usage can help you assess when it’s time to reorder. You can also use data from your Sage MAS 90 or Sage 100 system to assess equipment usage to determine when it is time for maintenance or upgrades.

Detailed, Immediate Insights from Sage 100 / Sage MAS 90

Take a look at the Sage 100 / Sage MAS 90 dashboard when you schedule a demo with Scanco. Don’t like online contact forms? Call us direct at our easy-to-remember number: (877) SCANCO-1.