Increase Orders with Mobile Field Sales Technology

Sage 100 mobileMobile field sales technology can increase your order rate simply by providing sales reps with timely, accurate data. Sage 100 mobile field sales technology like Scanco Sales eliminates paperwork and puts the power of accurate, real-time data at your sales team’s fingertips.

Sales Never Lost for an Answer 

It’s happened to nearly every sales person. They’re at a customer’s location, chatting about the latest products launched by the company, when the purchaser asks about a prior order.

You could certainly call the main office and ask about it. But what if you can’t reach the person who knows how to access the data in the computer system? Or worse, what if they’re waiting for the system to be updated, and the existing data is old? The wrong answer may harm your chances of a reorder if the customer believes his first order was delayed. He may hesitate to order again unless he has the assurance that his product is forthcoming.

With mobile field sales technology, your sales people are never at a loss to answer a customer’s questions. A query into their smartphone app yields accurate, real-time data.

Scanco Sales, a Sage 100 mobile app, offers unparalleled access to data from any mobile device. It’s like having a direct line into the powerful computers that were yesterday limited to on-site information. Today’s cloud-based solutions synchronize data almost instantly so that as soon as a customer’s order ships, it’s noted in the system. Your sales person can access the exact same data found in your warehouse systems.

More Product Information 

Another benefit of mobile sales systems is that sales people no longer have to carry around heavy books of information about products. Manuals stuffed with product specs and brochures are a thing of the past: Everything today is digitized. Simply swipe your finger across the screen and pull up the information you need to give to your customer. It saves your back from lugging around heavy materials all day.

Increase Sales with Mobile Technology 

You can increase company-wide sales with the right mobile technology. Providing better customer service, easier order-taking, and multiple methods of receiving payments while visiting with customers makes it easier to take new orders and confirm existing ones. The right combination of technology, service, and information boosts customer confidence. The higher their confidence, the more likely they are to re-order from your company. You’ve gained a customer and won their trust.

Scanco Sales: Sage 100 Mobile Sales and More 

Scanco provides a variety of mobile sales technologies that facilitate better sales automation. Scanco Sales is a powerful tool that integrates with many systems to automate basic sales functions.

With Scanco Sales, your sales team can create quotes and sales orders, as well as access order history right from their smartphones. You’ll have an invoice history for all your customers right in front of you. Other information can be changed quickly. For example, if someone leaves your customer’s business you can change names and contact information.

Inventory pictures and real-time inventory statuses also make it easier to show customers what’s available and take orders while you’re with them. A picture is worth a thousand words, and actually seeing an item may help answer questions about it or clinch the sale for you.

GPS integration and automatic seeking of WiFi hotspots helps you get to where you’re going and connect with local systems so that orders can be received, taken, confirmed, and paid for all in one sitting. It shortens the ordering cycle, increases orders, and provides better customer service. What more could you ask for?

Warehouse Management Systems from Scanco 

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