How Will Advanced Warehouse Management Technology Impact My Warehouse?

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10 Reasons Advanced Warehouse Management is Worth Your Time and Money

Advanced-Warehouse-Management-Enterprise-TechnologyThe technology used in conjunction with warehouse management systems ranges from basic to advanced, depending upon the needs of your operation and the size of your warehouse. As we have discussed throughout the month, advanced enterprise (or warehouse management) technology can move your warehouse to the next level and improve upon your current processes ten-fold. Where basic warehouse management solutions fall short for advanced distributors and manufacturers, advanced enterprise technology steps in.

Advanced warehouse management solutions extend your warehouse’s capabilities by providing you with advanced features, such as system-directed picking and putaway, support for batch picking and crossdocking, extended rules and features for wave management, slotting optimization, and automated materials handling. While the automation features alone are worth the investment, the benefits don’t stop there. Take a look at how advanced enterprise technology can transform your operations and warehouse management processes:

1.       Faster order cycles

2.       More control over the movement of materials and inventory in the warehouse

3.       Improved visibility

4.       More efficient storage capabilities

5.       Reduced inventory and labor costs

6.       Increased data and order accuracy

7.       Streamlined processes

8.       Improved picking/packing times

9.       Shorter (and more accurate) cycle counts and physical counts

10.   Improved warehouse reporting

Having an advanced warehouse management system that is also integrated with your ERP system has always been a nice dream, but not a reality. However, with our newest product, Scanco Enterprise, you can have advanced enterprise technology that integrates directly with your Sage 100 ERP system (formerly MAS 90 software / MAS 200 software). Traditionally you had to choose between advanced technology and ERP, but with Scanco Enterprise you can have the best of both worlds for more thorough warehouse and inventory management.

Is your warehouse in need of more advanced technology to ship the perfect order? Contact us today to learn more.