How to Use Mobile Field Service Tools for a Competitive Advantage

Mobile field serviceCustomers have become far more demanding in today’s market. Whichever company responds with stellar service and customer support will be the one to establish deeper customer relationships and gain a competitive advantage. Using mobile field service tools is one way to create premier customer relationships.

Nothing is more important than your customer when it comes to your company’s growth and profitability. A consistent focus on your customer enables you to respond to customer needs and establish a customer relationship. Strong relationships with your customers will drive your business success. Customers don’t want to feel like targets, they want to feel like individuals. Utilizing mobile field service tools can help to provide a strong foundation that builds mutually satisfying customer relationships.

Indicators of high quality mobile field service:

  1. You meet the expectations set out in your service contract, but you go beyond your service contract by anticipating customer needs.
  2. Your mobile field service team is made more productive and accurate with real-time access to inventory levels and work instructions.
  3. Your mobile field service representatives know your customer needs well enough to suggest new product usage or conduct training as part of the service call.
  4. Your field service team looks for opportunities to make suggestions and has the capability to sell add-on products and services.
  5. You have access to real-time, actionable, customer data and are proactive in addressing issues or changes in behavior. You are able to identify key variables such as purchase patterns, product usage and service calls.

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