How to Pick a Good Consultant Company for Your Warehouse Management Technology

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Warehouse-Management-Technology-ConsultantAre you looking to invest in new warehouse management technology and software? Investing in new technology can revolutionize your warehouse; however, it’s just as important to choose the right technology consultant as it is to choose the right technology. Just as choosing the wrong software solution can hinder your plans for improvement, choosing the wrong consultant company can be equally damaging. Over the years, we’ve heard a wide range of stories from warehouses across the country detailing the pains of choosing the wrong consultant. Those pains include unnecessary investments in certain solutions or technology, failed implementation attempts, lingering IT problems, and high (and often unnecessary) costs.

Who you choose to take on your project is crucial to the rate of your project’s success, so be sure to choose your consultant carefully. We’ve created a few tips designed to help you pick a good consultant company for your warehouse management software and technology needs. Keep the following in mind as you begin the search for the perfect consultant:

  1. Before you even begin to look for a consultant, create a list of well-defined project goals. Knowing your goals for the project before you choose a consultant is imperative. Make a list of what you expect to gain out of your new solution and write down your company’s goals. These goals will help guide you to the right consultant capable of meeting your organization’s needs. You should also consider developing a request for proposals that clearly defines your budget requirements, time constraints, and expected outcome.
  2. Do your research. Choosing the right consultant takes time and a whole lot of research. Don’t pick the first consultant you come across; take the time to research your options and review their previous work. Ask around for recommendations. Check into their credentials to determine if they have expertise in your industry. If you are looking to move your warehouse management to the Cloud, make sure the consultant you choose understands Cloud technology and has experience implementing Cloud solutions. Don’t skimp on this step. While it may take some time to perform the necessary research, this step is essential to choosing the right consultant for your company.
  3. Narrow your selection down to the top three contenders and schedule an interview. Now that you’ve research your options and know your project goals, pick the top three consultants you’re interested in interviewing and schedule an interview with each consultant.
  4. Ask questions. During the interview, you will want to learn as much about the consultant’s experience and capabilities as possible. Make sure you get the answers to the following questions so you can make an educated decision:
      • Does this consultant have the technical experience to meet my needs? Review the consulting company’s work history, references, credentials, and success stories. How many times have they implemented the solution you are considering? Do they have experience working with the latest warehouse management technology, such as Cloud and mobile options? Looking into their previous work will give you a fairly accurate idea of the work they can do for your company.
      • Does this consultant understand warehouse management? Ultimately, a good consultant will understand proper warehouse management and be able to make recommendations to improve your current operation. If the consultant you are reviewing does not have much experience working with warehouses, looking for another consultant company. You need someone with warehouse expertise.
      • Are their solutions the right fit for my company’s needs and goals? Discuss your project goals with the consultant and ask them to propose solutions to fit your needs. Can they clearly explain how their solutions can best meet your goals, or are they just trying to sell you a product?
      • How busy is the consultant? Can they commit to finishing your project on-time, or do they have too many projects going on at once? Do they have the available staff to meet your needs and answer your questions throughout the project? Being able to communicate with consultant during the project is key. Make sure they make the effort to be available to you when you need them.
      • Are they committed to a long-term relationship with your company? A good consultant is in it for the long-haul and will offer you future support. Consider consulting companies who have long-term relationships with their clients.
  5. Choose the consultant who best fits your needs. After you’ve interviewed your top three contenders, sit down with your management team and choose the company who best suits your needs and with whom you can see a future.

In today’s day and age, choosing a good consultant is important to your warehouse. A good consultant can make recommendations that you never before considered, as well as help you implement new systems and technology. Choosing a consultant with Cloud experience and knowledge is important, for many of today’s warehouse management solutions are embracing the Cloud.

If you’re in the market for a good warehouse management consultant, consider adding Scanco to your list. Over the past 20 years, we have developed innovative warehouse management solutions designed to help manufacturers and distributors achieve full warehouse automation. We stay current with the latest trends in warehouse management technology and have developed several solutions to meet the need for mobile and Cloud options.

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