How to Move Toward a Mobile Warehouse

mobile warehouseDespite what you may imagine, moving to a mobile warehouse management system is easier than you think. It just takes a little bit of planning and the right information. Below are 6 steps to help you with your plan:

  1. Choose an application that will support your business goals and integrate easily with your existing solutions. If you are currently using Sage 100 ERP, make sure the warehouse management application you choose configures easily with the system. Remember, mobile should not be a hefty investment. You are implementing the technology to save costs – not add to your costs. Find a mobile warehouse management app that is specific to the software you already use (like our Sage 100 mobile warehouse management apps).
  2. Choose the right device and implement a company policy about the devices that can and cannot be used. Will you allow employees to bring their own device (BYOD), or will you be providing the device? Will you use smartphones, tablets, or something else?
  3. Create a mobile business strategy. What are you hoping to obtain by going mobile? Write down your goals and a realistic outline for accomplishing them. Track your progress quarterly to see how you are meeting your mobile goals.
  4. Find an educated mobile software partner. Not all mobile applications are the same, and you are going to want to find a vendor who can guide you to the right solution and help you create the right strategy.

Once you take these steps you will find that the transition will go smoothly and you’ll be up and running in no time.

Mobile Warehouse Apps from Scanco

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