How Much Revenue Can My Company Gain from Mobile Sales Technologies?

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Today’s highly mobile world is changing customer expectations and the sales force as we know it. Customers are demanding faster sales decisions, and – in order to keep customers satisfied – companies are arming their sales force with the necessary technologies to gain access to information wherever they are – out in the field or in the office. Customers are looking for responses to their inquiries in a matter of hours rather than days, and due to the increase in mobile sales technologies, location is no longer an excuse for lack of response. For this reason, many companies have equipped their sales people with mobile sales applications and tools designed to help them meet customer expectations and bring in revenue for the company.

The question is no longer whether or not companies should invest in mobile sales technology; it is whether or not those companies are maximizing the effectiveness of their mobile sales force. Or, more specifically, how much revenue they are gaining from mobile sales technologies.

According to an Aberdeen survey, companies that implement mobile sales technologies are 1.5 times more likely to see an improvement in sales force productivity than those that do not. In addition, 68% of companies have reported an increase in sales revenue after adopting mobiles sales tools. While the amount of revenue gained depends largely on the performance of a company’s sales team, mobile sales tools can – and very often do – increase a company’s revenue. Consider the following charts to see the potential impact mobile sales technology can have on a company’s revenue.

Impact on Revenue


As you can see, mobile sales technologies can have a huge impact on the amount of revenue your company brings in for the year. If you are not currently employing any mobile sales tools, you need to remedy that today! Scanco Sales, the newest addition to the Scanco product line, supports Sage 100 mobile sales and gives companies the technology they need to mobilize their workforce and increase their profit.

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