How Mobile Apps are changing the Manufacturing Industry

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Iphone 5 screenshot.jpgAs business becomes more global and competition increases, manufacturers are looking for new and innovative ways to increase their staying power in this ever-changing industry. In an effort to improve their accuracy levels, increase efficiency, and stay in-the-know on all happenings concerning the warehouse, manufacturers are turning to Cloud-based mobile applications (apps). When linked to the company’s ERP or warehouse management system, these apps can provide manufacturers with crucial information in real-time and allow them to automate key warehouse management tasks. Mobile apps are transforming the manufacturing industry as we know it, and many companies are jumping on the mobile bandwagon.

Let’s take a look at how Cloud-based mobile apps are changing the industry for the better:

  • Mobile apps are increasing operational efficiency.
    Many of today’s manufacturers have difficulty improving their operational efficiency. Whether it’s from a lack of technology or training, many warehouses fall behind in key operational tasks. Cloud-based mobile apps can help companies improve supply chain management, supplier management, and material planning. By switching to a Cloud-based ERP system and using mobile apps to connect to the system, warehouses can view their inventory levels, sales orders, and other pertinent warehouse information in real-time. This is extremely beneficial to companies in multiple locations, as users can view the operational needs in each location.
  • Manufacturers who use mobile apps are improving their marketing and sales efforts.
    The benefits of mobile apps extend far beyond the warehouse. Companies who use mobile applications for warehouse management purposes are seeing an improvement in their sales and marketing efforts. These apps not only help them plan and execute key marketing and sales strategies, but they also help companies monitor the effectiveness of their campaigns – all on their mobile devices.
  • Mobile apps speed up information processing and enable managers and executives to view pertinent information faster than ever.
    Typically, processing information in the warehouse environment is a lengthy and arduous task. Invoices and purchase orders have to be passed through multiple departments and/or persons for approval. This often requires emailing documents back and forth several times in order to receive final approval. With Cloud-based mobile apps, manufacturing companies can cut the approval process time in half. Users can store, manage, and share information easily via the app, ensuring that all the proper parties receive (and review) the documents in a timely manner.Mobile apps also display information in real-time from the warehouse so managers and executives are always in the know. Users can view real-time updates on pending orders and forecasts on their smartphones or tablets, as well as capture and apply company-wide intelligence and analytics.
  • Mobile apps boost communication and collaboration in the workplace.
    Because all of the departments are working on the same Cloud platform, information is shared seamlessly across the organization. This seamless transfer of information eliminates miscommunication between departments, improves the effectiveness of everyday tasks, and increases efficiency across all departments.
  • Business executives who use mobile apps are able to make quick and effective decisions.
    With access to real-time information from each department, executives have the tools they need to make faster decisions and meet deadlines with ease. Managers and executives don’t have to wait around for information; everything they need to make a well-informed decision is at their fingertips.

Cloud-based mobile apps can certainly give you a leg up over the competition and increase your staying power in the manufacturing industry. Our Sage 100 mobile apps – Scanco Warehouse, Scanco Counts, and Scanco Sales (for Sage 100 and Sage 500 users) – are designed to help you automate your warehouse management and sales processes so you can focus on meeting (and exceeding) your customers’ expectations. Contact us today if you’d like to learn more about our innovative mobile solutions.

Are you already using Cloud-based mobile apps in the warehouse? Tell us how they have impacted your warehouse management and sales efforts – we’d love to hear from you!