How Involved are Sage 100 Partners in Scanco’s Software Implementations?

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Involving-Sage-100-ERP-Partners-in-ImplementationsWhen we talk about how important our Sage 100 partners are, we aren’t just saying it. We actually believe it. Our Sage 100 partners are crucial to our mission. We value their insight and treasure the partnerships we have formed with each and every one over the years. We know that our customers are in capable hands each and every time we refer them to a Sage 100 partner because we have a shared history and common desire: to see our customers succeed.

What does Scanco’s relationship with Sage resellers look like?

Scanco values teamwork, especially when it involves setting the customer up for success. By working together with Sage resellers, we are able to provide our customers with a quality experience. We look to Sage resellers (we call them Sage 100 partners) when making critical decisions or improving our customers’ systems. We value their input and seek their expertise so the entire process is as smooth and seamless as possible.

Ultimately, we see Sage 100 partners and resellers as an asset to our customers. When our customers contact us to solve their warehouse management challenges, they aren’t just getting us. They are getting an entire arsenal of resources and experts to ensure their problem is not just solved, but solved well.

A true story of how Scanco’s partnership team works

Still interested in knowing how involved our Sage 100 partners are in our software implementations? Here’s a story of one of our most recent software implementations and how our Sage 100 partners come into play:

One particular customer initially contacted us to install a Sage 100 barcoding solution to streamline warehouse management and simplify inventory tracking in their warehouse. As we were discussing the product with the customer, we uncovered multiple inefficiencies in the way they were managing their data. Since this particular customer was already using Sage 100 ERP (formerly MAS 90 software and MAS 200 software), we contacted the Sage 100 ERP reseller to address this data issue and solve their inefficiencies. The reseller worked alongside us as we performed the install, making sure that all data inefficiencies were solved by the time the new barcoding solution went live.

The result was a smooth software install for the customer. In the end, the barcoding software implementation brought the data issues to the surface, which in turn helped us to reach out to the customer’s reseller to consult them about their system, ultimately benefitting the customer. By keeping the Sage 100 ERP reseller in the loop about their customer’s system, we were able to strengthen the customer’s relationship with the reseller and ensure the data going forward was accurate.

Scanco doesn’t just say we value the Sage 100 reseller; the proof is in the pudding. In this case (as in so many others), we worked with the customer and Sage 100 reseller as a team. No one was left out of the software install, and it was a much more thorough install because of it.

What’s the big deal in including the Sage 100 reseller?

Just as you should always turn to us in the event that you have a warehouse management software issue, your Sage 100 ERP reseller should always be one of the first lines of contact when you are adding new solutions. We know the valuable input the Sage 100 reseller can add to a software install, and we make sure to include them in each and every new product install. Some cases require much more hands-on assistance while others require a simple phone call to keep the reseller in the loop and attuned to any potential problems that may arise to the system.

What the customer does not know, however, is that by including the original Sage 100 reseller in the process, the customer is relieved of having to be the middleman. We contact the reseller directly, and we work together with the reseller to ensure that the install goes off without a hitch. The result is a smooth install for the customer, and a new partnership formed between Scanco and the reseller.

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