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In order to improve the efficiency of our overall business, Skyjack Product Support has begun to implement a new warehouse management system which is integrated with our MAS200 ERP system. The system consists of handheld computersscanners which enable warehouse personnel to perform order picking entry, receiving, and physical count andor cycle count entry. They also provide general information such as locations of items and quantity on hand.

Over the years Skyjack Product Support has seen an increase of customer orders, stock levels, and vendor shipment receiving. Even though we have had such increases, our operating procedures have remained virtually unchanged and our personnel have stepped up in order to meet the demand. Currently, delivering an order to a customer involves:

Entering the order manually or importing from our e-business site.
Printing a physical pick ticket.
Picking the order and filling out the pick quantities.
Delivering the package and pick ticket to shipping.
Shipping – weighs and enters all pick quantities for every line item on every order and all shipment information needed.
With 9 people packing orders and only 2 doing the line item entry and shipping, you can see that our orders are restricted by how fast those 2 people can input the information. With the new system we will reverse this procedure so that 9 people are doing the line item entry and when the package is taken to shipping it will only need to be weighed, labeled, and shipped. Thus reducing the shipper’s time per package and increasing our daily package output.

Similarly, receiving will benefit from the system by reducing the number of steps involved with the current procedure and reducing the delay between receiving the items and the items being shown in the system. Currently the data entry portion of the procedure is done at the end of the day and the items do not show up in our inventory until this is done. With this system in place, all quantities will be entered as items are received in the door and those quantities will reflect within our system immediately.

Physical and cycle count procedures will now reduce the bottle neck between counting and entry. When performing count procedures teams of people go out to the warehouse and count all the items contained on their count sheets. Those sheets are then returned and all quantities are entered in to the system. As with order fulfillment, more people were counting then were entering which creates a delay in information and a “bottle neck” in the entry process. The new system will remove this bottle neck and move personnel from entry to counting.

Improvements to the procedures and operation:

Reduction in printed materials – two copy form pick tickets and count sheets will no longer be needed.
Elimination in delay of information – real time quantity updates for shipments, receiving, and count entries.
Reduction of data entry time in shipping – more people doing entry of line items.
Reduction of data entry mistakes.
Reduction of time to compete physicalcycle counts.
Reduction in time and steps of personnel constantly going to computers to find out where to find items and to check stock.
Increased accuracy of inventory.
Increase in daily shipment quantities.