Get the Most from Your Sage 100 Mobile Sales App

Sage 100 mobile salesLicensing and installing a new product like Scanco Sales, a Sage 100 mobile sales app, is exciting. Suddenly, you’ve got more information, more options, right at your fingertips. Your sales team can now connect to your business right from the field, processing orders and accessing information more quickly than they’d ever thought possible. It’s like night and day compared with older systems or pre-technology days.

Five Tips to Help You Get the Most from Sage 100 Mobile Sales

To get the most out of your Sage 100 mobile sales system, we’ve put together these five tips to help you derive the most benefit from your new system.

  1. Enter all the information that you can, right from the start: The more customer information that you can enter into the system from the start, the more accurate the entire system will be. It helps not just field sales but operations, finance, and everyone else. It’s also important to enter in as much detail as you can. Having your customer’s name, address, and phone number on hand is great, but how much better it is to have information about your last conversation, his favorite restaurant for a lunch meeting, or other pertinent details that can personalize your interactions with him. The more details that you have, the better.
  2. Respond quickly to customers: Scanco Sales lets you react immediately to messages as they come in, so be sure to respond just as quickly. This improvement in service may not seem like a big deal, but customers really appreciate it. Quick responses can encourage repeat sales and word of mouth marketing for your company, too.
  3. Update as you go: Don’t wait to hand off updates to the office team to implement them. Instead, enter your updates on the go. The updates that you type in will appear throughout the company. This saves everyone a great deal of time and effort.
  4. Take payments: Your new Sage 100 mobile sales system lets you take payments directly from customers via your smartphone or tablet. Take advantage of this feature and accept payments as you make sales. The finance department greatly appreciates it!
  5. Demo your products: The Sage 100 mobile app lets you access interactive content including videos, product demo materials and more. Use your new software to demo products to customers. Access all of the marketing materials your team has put together. Don’t be afraid to pick and choose from among various multimedia options. Some customers respond best to videos, while other prefer written materials.

With new software comes an excitement that can fuel your team to achieve more. Great software like Scanco Sales makes it even better. With so many features to choose from, your mobile sales team may be like kids in a candy store trying to decide between brands of chocolate bars.

You may want to ask your sales team to share their own best practices for using the new software. At your next sales meeting, invite people to talk about how they use the Sage 100 mobile sales system. This helps your team members train one another on new and innovative ways to use the software while building camaraderie.

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